Thursday, 28 June 2007

Arrests in Spain not connected to Madeleine abduction, says PJ spokesman

The Portuguese TV news channel SIC said, a few minutes ago, that the arrest of a Italian citizen, in Sotogrande, Cádiz (Spain) is not related to Madeleine McCann abduction, quoting PJ spokesman, Olegário de Sousa. The Italian was arrested by Spanish Police Special Squad for Kidnappings, today, according to online edition of “El País”. Spanish Police said they acted following a a request from French authorities. The Italian is accused of taking part in a plot to kill a judge, in France but, according to “El País”, he may be also connected to an extortion attempt to McCann family. A woman was also identified, but not arrested.


Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo,

You must be losing a lot of sleep over this sudden and confusing flood of news checking and rechecking everything. By the way, did you post a message to " The Frenchman's" forum?
Blessings for your effort

Finnish grandmother

PS. Haven't commented here very much since fortunately there are so many other things in my life besides internet posting, but been reading a lot of media in hope of getting good news on Madeleine ( also that appallingly "diverse" Mirror forum. the same

Paulo Reis said...

Dear Finnish grandmother:

I've been losing some sleep and I am at great risk of loosing something more important!!! My wife arrive in Lisbon on June 28. She works abroad, in China, and we see each other twice a year: summer and Christmas. This is the second night I spend with my computer, since she arrived...

And she told me already: I will not ask for divorce, it's too good for you. But just spend a third night with your computer, and that's with "who" you will spend all the nights, for the next FIVE YEARS...

Regards and it's always nice to "see" you..

Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...

Finnish Grandmother,

Forget to ask: Where is that "Frenchman's" forum you refered? Do you have a link for that?


Paulo Reis

Peter said...

I hope it works out with youre wife Paulo!
I also hope that u continue with yore really godd reports!!!

Are there anything new with Frenchmen and the Yatch? Is it a good thing if shes on a yatch with a very rich arab-family?

Peter / Sweden

Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo, I haven't any special link to Bernadette, but after reading your article about him I googled 'Des Toiles Roses' and saw a message there in French signed by you (?) asking him to contact you urgently.
Obviously you are a wise and caring man and set your priorities right: just a little bit of computer but a HUGE amount of attention to your wife!
Best regards from green and rainy Finland!
Finnish grandmother

PS. Early on I read somewhere that one of Murat's relatives works for an adoption agency in England. Any idea if I remember right?