Sunday, 10 June 2007

Breaking News - Spanish ”journalist” who claims to know the name of Madeleine's abductor is an hoaxer

Antonio Toscano, the alleged “investigative journalist” who claimed to know the name of Madeleine's abductor is an hoaxer, who introduced himself, previously, as an expert in satanic cults, in several interviews with Spanish newspapers an TV. António Toscano was quoted, last week, by the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, saying that he his an “expert in missing children cases” and yesterday, talking to a Portuguese newspaper claimed that his track record his so good that he "found 14 of the 15 missing children cases that he investigated”, during the last years.

Many Portuguese and British newspapers quoted the story published by "El Mundo", but some of them wrote that Mr. António Toscano was a journalist working with the Spanish daily or a collaborator of that daily. "Gazeta Digital" talked with Mr. Rafael Moiano, a journalist from "El Mundo" and he confirmed that Mr. Toscano was interviewed and the story was published last week, but denied any link between Mr Toscano and the newspaper:"Mr. Toscano is not a collaborator of 'El Mundo', we just published a story, last week, about its investigations"

(to be continued)


Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo and thanks for breaking news.

Is it believed Mr Toscano is hoaxing about his knowledge of Madeleine's abductor, or that his background is a hoax?

If he is just a hoaxer he is going to be in sooooooo much trouble!!! I for one would personally..... cannot print what I would do to him. Hope the LE punish him too if this is true!

Looking forward to continuation of your report.

Take care.


Marion UK

Paulo Reis said...

Both things!! His background is a complete hoax and his "information" about Madeleine is a bigger hoax...

I'm typing as fast as I can, and I'll publish several follow-ups, with CLEAR EVIDENCE AND MANY LINKS TO THAT EVIDENCE, very, very soon..

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Paulo.

Marion UK

Jacqui... Wales UK said...

Shocking! Respect to you.

Paulo Reis said...

I'm still waiting for an answer from Spanhis Criminal Police. I asked them why didn't they arrested Mr Tosacno, imediatly after El Mundo published those news.

I have some knowledge about Spanish law and what he did was a crime! Having vital information about a crime that was commited and not comunicating it to police, it's a crime,a ccording to Spanish Law (the same in Portugal)
As yesterday was Sunsay, tehere was nobody to tlak to me.

I phoned Guardia Civil headquarters, Policia Criminal headquarters (Spanish CID) and there was NOBODY at Press Office or Public Relations - not even a mobile phone I could get!!!

So I' waiting for tomorrow with some curiosity..


Paulo reis

Anonymous said...

Paulo it is fantastic what you are doing, such considered and expert reporting. Portuguese police they are really the best and I wish we had more like them in the uk.

Ron Biggs

Paulo Reis said...

Thank you very much. I also consider UK Police one of best Police forces in the world - may be the best. And my opinion about UK Police is based in my personal experience (I lived in London for a couple of months) and I have a 22 years old son that is studying in a Cardiff University..

But I also think Portuguese Police is quite good, and Polícia Judiciária is VERY GOOD (our CID)


Paulo Reis
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Anonymous said...

Portugal rocked by child abuse scandal

Giles Tremlett
Sunday November 21, 2004
The Observer

It has already been billed as Portugal's trial of the century, a child abuse case involving a state-run orphanage as well as TV personalities and diplomats that has horrified the nation.
The Casa Pia affair, which has shaken the very foundations of the Portuguese state, finally goes to trial on Thursday. Former presidents have been accused of turning a blind eye to complaints about systematic abuse over more than a decade, while prosecutors have denied that President Jorge Sampaio was under investigation.

A former minister and spokesman for the opposition Socialist party, Paulo Pedroso, was one of those arrested, though he was later freed without charges after spending four and a half months on remand.

Carlos Cruz, 63, Portugal's most famous media personality, will be the star defendant, facing five charges of sexually abusing minors and one of homosexual intercourse with an adolescent.

Cruz, married to a model 34 years his junior and a father of two, has vigorously denied any involvement in a child prostitution ring that is said to have involved as many as 100 orphanage boys.

He is alleged to have been one of the clients of an employee at the Casa Pia, which looks after 4,000 children in 10 orphanages and schools, who ran a male child prostitution network.

His lawyer, Antonio Serra Lopes, said he would use Cruz's phone bills and mobile phone tracking records to show that his client was nowhere near the house in the eastern city of Elvas where the child abuse took place.

Also on trial are a prominent lawyer, a former ambassador, a marine archaeologist and a former senior administrator in Casa Pia.

The scandal broke in September 2002 when the mother of one alleged victim, known as Joel, complained of abuse by staff at a Casa Pia house.

However, a predecessor of Sampaio as president, General Ramalho Eanes, was revealed recently to have been aware of allegations of child prostitution rackets in the homes at the time.

In the intervening 20 years the original complaints lodged with the police seem to have been shelved or gone missing.

Anonymous said...

madeleines parents are innocent!!Sorry my english is not good.

Ihm think the police know and the search for madeleine is not good then madeleine can not release blood in a hired car 25 days after wen she is dead!! Shame then the contact with Murat and Malinka exist and the Dna is Madeleines in the car, than another Person is involved, The Rental Group...

Shame Portugal Casa Pia,.....Madeleine and see her...

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Gerry and Kate i Love you and pray for the little Maddie!!

Kidnapper give her back!!