Saturday, 2 June 2007

Report sent to British Police by Mrs. Mari Olli about Madeleine's sighting in Morocco

Mari Olli, a Norwegian and a retired social worker, 45 years old, lives in Spain, Málaga, with her husband. The couple has been on hollidays in Agadir, Morocco, when Madeleine was abducted. They knew nothing about it, as they didn't watched news, while on holidays. They were returning to Spain and they stopped at Marrakesh, for the night of May 8 to 9. Early in the morning, they drove their car to Tarifa, to catch a ferryboat back home. They stopped at a gas station to buy some water and that was the place where Mrs Mari Olli says she saw Madeleine. This is the report that she sent, by email, to British Police, after she tried, without success, to give the information to Spanish Police (and not to Portuguese Police, as some British newspapers wrongly wrote):

“At the petrol station next to Hotel Ibis Palmeraie in Marrakesh (Address, Avenue Abdelkrim Khattabi) Wednesday 9th of May, about 10 am, I saw the girl inside the shop. She was wearing clear blue pyjamas. Some pattern on the top, trousers little darker. Don’t think the trousers had any pattern. She was very small. Under 1 meter. She was with a man.”

“She was standing alone, the man about a meter from her. I looked back at her, she was very sweet. And it was a strange situation because the man didn’t look like her father. And it’s very strange to see a blond small girl standing alone in Marrakesh. She was very small and normally you would hold her in your arms or at least her hand. And he was turning away from her.”

“She looked sad. I looked at her face, she looked at me. Then she turned to the man and said something that sounds like: “Can we see mommy soon?” I am not sure if he reply. I turned around to pay my things, two bottle of water and some hygiene serviettes. I went in our car, looked for if they had a car, but could not see any special. I wanted to tell my husband, but he was busy with the driving to catch the ferry from Tanger to Tarifa. I didn’t know about the missing child at that time. Because I had not watched the news, when I was on holiday.”

“I saw the news on Thursday the 10 of may, in the evening. Then I remember what I saw in Marrakesh. I started to phone the police, Spanish and English. The Spanish police didn’t want to talk to me. I talked to the English (Police). Friday morning I gave my report to Katy Peters from Scotland Yard. She said someone was going to phone me. But I have not heard anything. I have emailed them and phone them several times. But no response. I am very worried and very sure this was that girl. Her face is very special. And that situation was very strange!”

“My mind is on this situation all the time, and I need to know if someone is looking into my report. I am sure the two Moroccan men inside the petrol station can confirm my seeing as well.”

“If I can do anything more to help, PLEASE let me know!
Mari Olli”

According to Correio da Manhã, the daily Portuguese newspaper that first got in touch with Mrs. Mari Olli, as soon as the information reached the Portuguese Police, through British liaison officers, Portuguese Police contacted Mrs. Mari Olli, for six times, on May 18 and May 21, to get more details from her.


Anonymous said...

Thanks once again Paulo, very interesting blog. Look forward to your next update.

Hope your father is alright, so sad for him.

Sorry do not have a google account so show up as anon.


Paulo Reis said...

Thank you, Marion!

No problem, with a Google Account, or without it, you are always welcomed...

Jacqui said...

If only they had closed the borders, if only they had checked out this report straight away. There are a lot of if only's sadly. Mistakes have been made but at the end of the day the Portugese Ploice are not used to this type of crime from what I hear. They are trying.

Paulo Reis said...


From Praia da Luz do the Spanish border, it's one hour drive. Madeleine's mother realized she wasn't at the room at 10:00 pm. They searched for the girl, first, called police precinct at Lagos (nearest one) at 10.50 pm) Police arrive 15 minutes later. They raised the alarm to CID - child disappeared, possible kidnapping, 10/15 minutes later. It would make n o sense to close the border (which doesn't exist, since Schengen) one hour and 20 minutes after Madeleine was kidnapped – and this is the "best scenario, supposing she was kidnapped 5 minutes before 10:00 pm, and not 25 minutes before (5 minutes after the last time parent's friends checked the three children were in the room – at 9:30 pm, according with Madeleine's mother).

And, as there is no border post, it will be necessary time (at least 15 minutes to set up a road blockade...)

You haven't read carefully my story about Mrs Mari Olli report to the British Police!!!!


"Mari Olli (...) and her husband (...) were returning to Spain and they stopped at Marrakesh, for the night of May 8 to 9. " She wrote in her report to British Police: "(...) I saw the news on Thursday the 10 of May, in the evening. Then I remember what I saw in Marrakesh. I started to phone the police, Spanish and English. The Spanish police didn't want to talk to me. I talked to the English (Police). Friday (May 11) morning I gave my report to Katy Peters from Scotland Yard. She said someone was going to phone me. B ut I have not heard anything. I have emailed them and phone them several times. But no response. (..)"


So, Portuguese Police was informed of the aleged sighting of Madeleine by British Police on May 11. But British Police immediately alerted Interpol and contacted Morocco authorities. Portuguese Police s ent CID officers to Morocco immediately after receiving information of the report about Madeleine sighting. And they have been there, for the last three weeks, with British liaison officers, working in this lead, with the help of Moroccan authorities and police.

I know that since May 23 – my sources at CID are not bad... But I didn't published a single word, because I understood it may jeopardize the investigation and put the kidnappers more alert or desperate to get rid of the evidence of their crime. And because I have also a gentlemen's agreement with my sources at CID: they tell me a lot of things, and than they tell me what I can and what I can't publish. I'm telling this to you, now, because Portuguese and British Media have already published the all story.

MI 6 has introduced key-words about Madeleine on Echelon surveillance programs and yesterday, there were news about it: calls were detected (and recorded and transcripted) - all in Arabic and made on a Spanish pay-as-you-go phone – between two men, one in Spain, the other in Morocco, refering to "the little blonde girl", to "ferry crossings from the Spanish port of Tarifa" and much more.


Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo,

I've tried to translate today's (June 4) report in Correio da Manha but I can't make any sense of it. It seems to refer to psychic activity - Master Alves? Could you help with understandable translation. Thank you.


pd said...

Hi Paulo,

Thanks for all the information. Things are moving so fast now, it seems. I have a few questions I can't get my head around. These are probably all out of date now but they are just basic information, really.

1. Who were the other (8?) people in the McCann party? None of them has been interviewed by media and none of their identities are public. Why would that be?
2. These people are very close friends of the McCanns - they had arranged to go on holiday together. But none of them has been seen since. Why might that be? Is it police regulations?
3. One of them is the sole witness of the potential abductor - I would have expected her to be all over the British press last week saying 'what have you done with Madeleine' or something. Instead, nothing. Is it public who she is?
4. Where was she coming from when she saw the man? Was she alone? Where was he coming from? And in what direction was he going? Why was she going to have dinner with the McCanns so late at 9.30?
5. The man now in charge of the McCann campaign is a senior media person with the Foreign Office in London. Is it known why he was picked? Who is paying for him? Has there been any comment in the Portuguese press about the British government's involvement in the case?
6. In Britain, we have seen no photos or footage at all of the apartment, the complex or the tapas bar. (Thanks for the pics you've posted, by the way.) There has been no 'walk through' of possible abduction routes. No photos of the windows, the doors or shutters, of any kind - not even artists drawings. Why is that?
7. Is there a timeline for the family's movements on Thursday, May 3? Who was the last person to see Madeleine?
8. Do you think the PJ believe the witness testimony? Do you think they don't believe it and that's the reason why they were reluctant to release the information?
9. Who was the person under a blanket in the car which left the police station on the Thursday or Friday after the disappearance, when the parents were brought there?
10. Is Murat known to the McCann family? When Mr McCann was asked this on Sky and BBC, even the question was left out as was his answer.
11. Did Mari Olli give a description of the man she saw? Was he white, for instance, or north African? Was the girl wearing different pyjamas from what we know of Madeleine?
12. One Scottish paper reported an interview with a family who had occupied the McCann’s apartment just before they arrived – they hadn’t been DNA’d. Are there any other reports of previous occupants?

There are so few real definite facts. Also, I think there has been a falling off in press interest in Britain since the Vatican visit.


Paulo Reis said...


Just give 20/25 minutes and I'll post a brief in English, of that story

Paulo Reis said...


I'll need some time to answer that... I'll try to do it at teh end of the afternoon, as I have to go out, noe, to deal with some Police burocracy concerning tha pit bull attack to my father's dog (a small opekinois) last Sunday. Check my blog around 7/8 pm, today.


Paulo Reis said...


That story is about group of "mediums", Brasilian "candonblé" adepts, performing some rituals, at a well known beach near Lisbon, to help find MAdeleine. Sacrificing chickens (cutting it's head) and spreading fresh blood over the sand is one the ritual to be performed....

Paulo Reis said...

see all of you soon, around 7/8 am...

Jacqui said...

Thank you Paulo. I am sorry I didn't understand properly. I work long shifts and am tired a lot. My brain doesn't always work, haha. Anyway, thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it very much.

After reading what you said, I agree about the border control. I am not like a lot of people who are criticizing the police in Portugal. I think they are doing a lot of work and am grateful to them all. I am very sure they are doing a lot more than we know of and for reasons' of their own, namely the law certain things have to be kept quiet, and to be honest, I also agree with that too. A little girl is safer with less in the public eye.

When I wrote if only, it wasn't me being if only, I was merely saying that people speculate if only's but there is always more than meets the eye involved. You have just explained that, but I was not blaming the police, please don't think I was. Even if the police have not made mistakes, the media have done so by reporting false situations.

Living in a different country we rely on media reports to find anything out. This is why I am so grateful to hear from someone who is more open and honest about things from there. That person is you! I am grateful to you, honestly.

Paulo Reis said...


I'm late in my answer to your questions... Yesterday, my parents brought back home their little dog, mauled by a pit bull on Sunday, May 27. When my father saw the dog, with his rear legs paralized, trying to walk to his prefered resting place (near the sofa, in the living room where my father always sits, watching tv and reading newspapers)he just broke down, completly. I was at his side, as I knew something like that will happen. I had to carry him to bed and, later, to a doctor, again, because his blood pressure was 19...

So, I brought him back home and had to stay tehere, until I was sure he was stabilized...

Now, I'm going thruough some 80 emails and, as soon as I finish that, I'l try to ansewr your wuestions..


Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...

To pd:

I'm terribly late in my answer.. Just a little bit more of tima, ok?

Paulo Reis said...

Goods news: Saico, the little dog of my father, stood up in his four legs, yesterday, for a few seconds!!! My father is much better and I'll spend this Sunday updating my blog and my main page.

Thank you, all of of you, for your kind messages, and apologies for my failure in keeping you update with news about Madeleine's case

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

What's matters if the video does not have quality, that they order the video!
Why the two Moroccan men inside the petrol station had been never interrogated? I ever saw any nws about that.

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