Saturday, 30 June 2007

Movie from Bernard Alapetite was exhibited at film festival run by British Film Institute

The movie “Like a Brother” (“Comme un Frère”) directed by Bernard Alapetite, was on the list of movies that were on exhibition at the 19th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2006), run By the British Film Institute (BFM) as it can be seen in the official web site of the movie festival. BFM, in its “Report & Financial Statements (2006)” has also a reference about the movie, in the list of films that were exhibited at the festival.

The support and funding of this festival is explained, in the same report, with the fact that the BFM is concerned “not only to introduce audiences to work that is new or for some other reason unfamiliar, but also to facilitate a reappraisal of acknowledged classics; it aims not only to encourage an interest in innovation and experiment, but also to foster and reward curiosity and a desire to learn more about past achievements. To tackle these challenges, the Institute runs the National Film Theatre (NFT) and a number of festivals including the London Film Festival and the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (...)”

The London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival has an impressive list of big international companies as sponsors and the “Event Sponsor” for the 2008 edition is the London Metropolitan Police. “Special Screen Sponsors” are, among others, Credit Suisse, Merryl Linch and Goldman Sachs. The Mayor of London, the Government of Canada and the UK Film Council are listed as “Funding Contributors” of the festival.

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