Sunday, 10 June 2007

Mr. António Toscano most acclaimed case: The “paedophile network” of Bar Arny, in Valencia, 1996

The “investigative journalist” and expert in “missing children” that claimed a rate of success of 93,4 per cent (14 cases solved in a total of 15...) gave a interview to Virginia Lopez (*), from the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, last week. Mr Toscano revealed to the journalist that the description of the main suspect, issued to the Press by Polícia Judiciária on May 25, “had a name ans surname” and he knew that man. “According to his investigation, the suspected abductor of Madeleine, seen in the city of Seville, one week before her disappearance, told that he was going to Algarve, to visit some friends”, wrote “El Mundo”.

The alleged abductor and the witness that saw him in Seville (apparently, also the source of Mr. Antonio Toscano) “meet when they were both regular clients of Bar Arny (or Arnie)– the operational base of a network of child prostitution, uncovered in 1995. “A few well known people were accused" of being part of the network “but nobody went to jail”, writes “El Mundo”.
Mr Toscano claimed to have uncovered that pedophile network. But nobody went to jail “because most witnesses, including nº 1 witness, retracted from their accusations, and almost all of the 48 men accused were acquitted”, according to on line edition of ABC Spanish newspaper.” On 2005, The main witness, Mr. José António B, was sentenced to 15 years of jail, for the murder of a 72 years old man, who hired him to have sexual relations”. According to the same source.

Mr. António Toscano took the case to the Spanish Police, after he was threatened and beaten by members of the pedophile network. The case was dismissed, by courts in the cities of Valencia and Castelló, as groundless, and whitout evidence to support it. Mr Toscano didn't give up and appealed to Spanish Supreme Court, “Audiência Nacional”. On March 4, 2005, Spanish Supreme Court rejected the appeal, based on a report of Policía Judicial (Spanish CID) of Castelló, who had investigated the complains about the existence of a child prostitution ring that “was responsible for kidnapings and murders of children”, denounced by António Toscano. “The Police investigation dind't found any evidence of the existence of any organized network of that kind” considered the Spanish Supreme Court, according to a newspaer of Valencia, “Levante – El Mercantil Valenciano”.

(To be continued)

(*) Mr Rafael Moyano, a journalist from “El Mundo”, sent me a copy of the story they published, by email, but I couldn't find it in the Web. I emailed him, asking to send me the link or, if the story no more available online, to give me the indication about exactly when was it published: on June 8th or June 9th, and I'm waiting for his reply. I'll post the full text of “El Mundo”, next to this post.

Paulo Reis


Anonymous said...

In what way does this prove he is a hoaxer?

Anonymous said...

in what way does this prove he's a hoaxer?

Anonymous said...

in what way does tis prove he is a hoaxer?

Paulo Reis said...


This is just the introduction..I have a total of SIX posts to publish about mr Antonio Toscano

Paulo reis

Anonymous said...

Could it be that this person Toscano does not exist? Any info about him?
Could it be ,that you, maybe in order to the spanish/ potugese police, have been told this is a hoaxer? untill now anybody have proved he is a hoaxer? Maybe he is been told to shut up? what makes you think he is a hoaxer?
It could be all a set up, but it could also be that somebody really knows about Madeleine and that this somebody is obliged to stop speeking and telling the thruth, because maybe there are some very highly postions and important richt known people involved, at very very public and high positions............ I doubt it, but it could be................. just like in the movie.......... And maybe the police....?

I have not read any reaction of you untill now....