Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Portuguese Police has no report about Lisbon Airport incident with family members of Madeleine McCann

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Members of McCann family “manhandled” and “escorted by gun-toting officers”

“We have been running an internal inquiry, since a few days, and until now there is no report of any incident involving members of McCann family, at all the three major airports in Portugal – Lisbon, Oporto and Faro”, Mr. Hipólito Cunha, Head of PSP (*) Press Office told today to Gazeta Digital. “We will finish that internal inquiry soon.”

Daily Express quoted McCann family members who accused Portuguese Police “gun-toting” officers of stoping them, when they were putting “missing posters” of Madeleine McCann at Lisbon Airport. The newspaper refers that “members of kidnap victim Madeleine McCann family were manhandled by armed officers” and quotes Madeleine’s aunt, Philomena McCann, who said she and a cousin “were escorted from Lisbon airport by gun-toting police.”

Clarence Michell, spokeswoman for McCann family confirmed the incident and told Lusa, Portuguese News Agency, that Madeleine parents were “hurt” by this decision and appealled to Portuguese authorities to put aside unnecessary bureaucratic steps, in situations like this.

Lusa also quotes Madeleine aunt, as saying that she and the other relative asked for permission to put the “missing posters” at the information desk but later were interrupted by “two private security men” and told they should ask first for permission to do that with ANA (Aeroportos de Portugal) the company in charge of Lisbon Airport management. Gazeta Digital asked several questions about the incident, yesterday, to the Public Relations Office of ANA, but we had no reply, until now.

(*) PSP - "Polícia de Segurança Pública", Portuguese urban police.

Daily Express
Saturday June 9,2007

The National Ledger
Madeleine McCann Family Harassed by Portuguese Police
June 9, 2007

Família McCann magoada com retirada de cartazes de Madeleine do Aeroporto de Lisboa

("McCann family hurt by decison to take out Madeleine's 'missing posters' from Lisbon Airport")
09.06.2007 - 18h17 Lusa

Madeleine: Família magoada com retirada de cartazes do Aeroporto

("Madeleine: Family hurt with decision to take out 'missing posters' from Lisbon Airport")
9 Jun 07


Anonymous said...

Hello from Sweden again!
Paulo, have u read this article och The Sun?

I hope this is true instead of monstersnatching as perverts!!

Peter / Sweden

Anonymous said...

Is there any progress in this case?
Paulo, pelase dont stop report!


Sonia said...

These McCanns are just unbelievable. So, now, they think they are "above the Law". The fact that G&K's lack of common sense caused their daughter to be abducted and probably killed, gives the family the right to do whatever they want to, wherever they want to, without asking permission to any kind of authority. Great. Frankly, I am sick and tired of looking at their faces. Poor Maddie.

Paulo Reis said...

Sonia disse...


I wouldn't put the responsibility of this on Gerry and his wife. There is a BIG diference about what Gerry and Kate have told to the Press, and what friends and family say!! Many times, those "friends" say things that are EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE Gerry and Kate said!

Look at this example:

"Mrs. Gill Renwick, a family friend, told BBC the McCanns, who had been holidaying with three other British families, had felt let down by police in Portugal. "I spoke to them this morning and they said the police had done nothing overnight and they felt as if they'd been left on their own. They just don't know where to turn", the Guardian Online wrote."


And look at this:

"Press Conferences of McCann family, at Praia da Luz: Mr. McCann said they were “receiving as much information, from Portuguese Police, as they will receive, from British Police, had Madeleine disappeared in UK”. He also said he trusted completely in Portuguese Police. When the couple was in Berlin, one or two weeks ago, at another Press Conference, Gerry McCann “had made it clear he was confident police were doing all they could to find Madeleine. During a live broadcast that morning he had said: 'We have had no doubts about the desire of the police to find Madeleine. We have witnessed their efforts first hand and they're working harder than Kate and I.'


Anonymous said...

Re: Airport incident
I don't think I get it. Are Police saying there was no incident officially logged by Airport Police/McCanns?

Paulo Reis said...

Anonymous disse...

Re: Airport incident
I don't think I get it. Are Police saying there was no incident officially logged by Airport Police/McCanns?

Exactly! There was NO INCIDENT with ANY POLICE OFFICER. Two elements of a private (non-armed) security company told to Madeleine's aunt, after she had already put some 'missing posters', that she needed to ask permission to the Airport Managemente.

Madeleine's aunt was quoted by Portuguese news agency, Lusa, about the same "inicidente", and what she told them has nothing to see with what Daily Express writes. She only refers that she and other relative were asked, by two private security elements, ti stop putting tha posters, because they need to ask permission, first,

There is no mention, in waht Philomena McCann said to the Portuguese Press, about gun-toting police officers or somebody being "manhandled".

There is armed police at Lisbon Airport, but it's a special anti-terrorism unit. They don't act in any kind of icident, they leave it to the beat police. But, THERE WAS NO POLICE OFFICER INTERVENTION, AT ALL!!!

I think I'll send an email to Press Commission Complaints, because something seems to be wrong, here... Either Madeleine's aunt told TWO COMPLETLY DIFFERENTE STORIES, OR DAILY EXPRESS USED SOME "IMAGINATION"...


Paulo Reis


POrtuguese Press quoting Madeleine's aunt:

Daily "Público":

Weekly "Sol":

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I give up! The story is listed on the official McCann Find Madeline site. As you say, something is wrong.
Someone is not telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

The fund is nearing one million pounds as a registered business, not a charity. It has no trustees or policing by the Charity Commission as its statement of purpose in touting for public donations on top of tabloid 'pay for stories' is not acceptable. The holiday insurance paid out for a kidnapping as private to this is another issue, look at the small print on your policy and the sum.

Some think this 'fund' is for finding other missing children.It is not.

Yet it is a business.

It is a fighting fund as they say, yet they and all the party are suspects. Not to be so would be unlawful as it is a murder enquiry now as most profilers and police are telling them after so long.

Moreover,the police are armed due to the job they do.

In UK men have been beaten/harrassed/interrogated in the past on suspicion of murdering their own sons and daughters. Ask Alan West, stepfather of Lesley Anne Downey.

However, media to lead people to the paypal button is still the zeitgheist on the 'official site'.

Just like the media attention grabbing article on Gerry's wallet. Returned with cash missing but credit cards not taken. How was it returned, and why not an investigation as there are cctv cameras in the station, but there are two different locations in two different papers. A thief would take the cards, so how much cash is missing, it said Euro's in one paper. Is this an insurance claim too, or is it a suitable PR event due to the massive publicity spoiling of terrorist doctors, how dare they rain on the McCann parade. Steal their publicity spaces.

I rang the plummie voiced person at the Daily Express as it has reported that the McCann's stayed in a four star hotel where the child was taken. It was as seen a billet style warren of 1960's style holiday camp recessed doorways with smells of urine by the concrete walls, and mould running down these two four foot high walls in the compound, not the exclusive hotel. I rang for them to retract this error.

A rather pained reply said 'so what'.

Also, there is no security as the warren along this dark recessed corridor leads to four other self catering dingey, dark entrance flats just yards from an acre fenced off bulding site that is boarded up.

It is there I intend to dig, children as young as 10 of locals now are doing just that, and taxi drivers as police know.

Everyone in US is saying the behaviour is bizarre and at first I too was supportive, but as a qualified fundraiser and tracker of missing children I detest the greedy actions.

I have seen the friends and family gorgeing food and laughing in bars as staff warned me they were in.

Under my own steam and finances I have been actively searching for Madeleine.

As I do not know who took her, and who might have killed her, or harmed her, no one in criminology is above being a threat to my life.

No one.

Police know of my presence and I was not the one to hire cadaver dogs at dawn as press did in order to photograph the results.

Strange enough is that a public oration is planned by Gerry in Edinburgh in August, plans such as these lead to cognition that Madeleine will never be found.

What if she was found today, tommmorrow, or weekend by some poor kid on that building site, or near to the park where she would have loved to have played as other kids did instead of couped up in this military prison type accommodation as it was?

Kids were seen in bars at 9 p.m. yet here the McCann children were stuffed in cots as three to a small room, no poolside view for them, but the dark carpark view as the undamaged shuttered window shows. Bedtime started at 6 p.m.

For them the holiday was short, no sunshine meals like other children by the pool.

Self catering means you can eat out, and take children to other bars as I found, and they are very happy as the sun is hottest during the afternoon. It is an expat and extended family destination, but some tourists on package breaks want to take all that is there on offer including the chuck line up and booze.

Children were on holiday too, and many we saw were in the cafes, Indian restaurant and in hotels who were on less than a consultant doctor, locum and car salesmen.

Thanks to Paul, the tabloids and broadsheets cannot exploit the pockets of emotional victims of this 'fundraising' unit. I for one shall be making a complaint to the DTI.