Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Spanish CID Press Office (“Policia Judicial”): “WE DON'T KNOW MR. ANTONIO TOSCANO”

Antonio Toscano, the "investigative journalist" who, interviewed yesterday, June 12, by Daily Express, said that he was “100 per cent certain” he knew the identity of Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper, is also an expert in satanic groups, according to an interview he gave to another Spanish daily, La Opinion de Murcia, who calls him “one of the greater experts in the study of satanic groups in Spain”, emphasising that he is a regular collaborator of special units of Spanish Police Force, in charge of the investigation of those satanic sects.

Mr António Toscano also claimed to be an expert in the investigation of cases of missing children and told Diário Digital, a Portuguese on line news site, that he had an amazing track record: “I found 14 of the 15 missing children cases I investigated, for the last years”, he said.
But an offcier of “Gabinete de Prensa” (Press Office) of Spanish CID (“Policia Judicial) contacted by phone by Gazeta Digital, said that Mr. António Toscano is “a person unknown to that Spanish Police force”.

The cruel hoax of Mr. Toscano was denounced by Gazeta Digital on June 10th, in a post published in our page “Blogging About Madeleine McCann's Case”. The first allegations of Mr. Toscano were printed by the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, on June 7th, but the story is available, on line, only to subscribers. The following days, his claim that he knew the man who kidnapped Madeleine and could help to find her, was quoted by thousands of blogs and dozens, may be hundreds of newspapers (from UK and Portugal to Germany and Brasil ) and what seems to be an indirect reference was made, at least by Sky News.

(To be continued)

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