Monday, 11 June 2007

Story published by “El Mundo”, about Mr. Antonio Toscano investigations (Brief, in English - I)

In the track of Madeleine
“Spanish journalist says he knows Madeleine's abductor”

By VIRGINIA LOPEZ, special report for EL MUNDO - LISBOA (June, 7 2007)

Madeleine McCann vanished since more than one month and, even if Portuguese Police says that they keep on working in the case, the truth is that days are passing and there are no news about where is Madeleine. (...)

Her parents started a European tour (...) to take her picture to all corners of Europe. Until now, the only thing that has been revealed is the description of a Caucasian man, 1.75 meters high, dark skin, strongly build (*), between 35 and 40 years old, who could have taken the girl, wrapped in a blanket, the night she disappeared, and dressing a dark coat and light coloured trousers

This man has a name and a surname and the investigate journalist Antonio Toscano, who, since a few years, has been working with similar disappearances, guarantees that he knows him. According to his investigations, the alleged kidnapper of Madeleine was seen in Seville, a week before her disappearance, saying that he was on his way to Algarve, to visit some friends.
(to be continued)

(*) Note and correction: “largo por detrás”, in Spanish - I think is a mistake, because Polícia Judiciária description didn't mention this physical detail – but they said he had "short hair in the front, long hair in the back" – and this reference may have been wrongly translated to Spanish as “largo por detrás”, "long in the back". I also made a mistake, translating "largo por detrás", to English, and wrote "strongly built". But "largo por detras", on a literal translation, would mean "long in the back", wich didn't make any sense, on that context. So, probably, a phrase was lost, in the story published in "El Mundo". It should be like this:" Con pelo corto, en frente e largo por detrás" = "with short hair, in front, and long hair, in the back". (Jun 12, 2007 - 20:06)


Jacqui said...

Hi Paulo, can only see the title here. BUT small world we live in Your older son lives in Cardiff. I just live down the road in Swansea, amazing huh? I am in Cardiff tomorrow as it happens.

Paulo Reis said...

I know, Jacqui, I know... Just my mistake, pressed the wrong button and insted of puting it on a draft, published the tittle..

My son is there since almost three years. Now, he is in Lisbon, and he will back only in the end of the summer. He has been working and studying, an now he decided he knows what he is planing to do with his life (at last, I'm waiting for this since he was 16...) He decided to keep with his studies, so he enrolled at Arts Department of Glamorgan University...


Paulo Reis