Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Story published by “El Mundo”, about Mr. Antonio Toscano investigations (Brief, in English - II)


These two persons meet at Arny Bar” - where, in 1995, a case of children abuse and prostitution was discovered; three years after that, most of the famous implicated were free, without charges and nobody was sentenced in the case. What Mr Toscano found and told to “El Mundo” is that the alleged kidnapper of Maddie, who would be acting by request with other accomplices, has already spend time in jail for a paedophile crime, (committed) out of Spain, and he could be working with an international European ring (of paedophiles):

Little Maddie wasn't an 'opportunity case' and she was selected much time before her disappearance, probably still in UK”, said Antonio Toscano.”

(To be continued)

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