Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Video from Morocco: contradictory versions

Diário de Notícias writes today, June 19, that “police saw already images from the CCTV camera" of the gas station where a Norwegian tourist, Mrs. Mari Olli, claims to have seen Madeleiene McCann. But Polícia Judiciária says that they didn´t receive yet the vídeo from Morocco authorities. According to Diário de Notícias, “the images have no quality at all".

The apartment from where Madeleine was kidnapped was sold. The sale, according to a real estate bussinessman quoted yesterday, June 18, by Diário de Notícias, has a market value around 100 thousand Euro. The “Dutch Map” clue was abandoned, after searches in the area produced no results. PJ spokesman criticized the fact that British journalists hired private sniffer dogs and also searched the area: "These people are people who have no police training and who are walking around the bush looking for a scoop," he said.

Correio da Manhã writes, also today, that Policia Judiciária is following the lead given by Spanish “investigative journalist” Antonio Toscano, without mentioning any source. According to this daily newspaper, who quotes Mr. Toscano, he said that “he will send to Portuguese Police a list of persons that are connected with the alleged kidnapper of Madeleine, nicknamed 'El Francês' (The French)'. Mr Toscano said also he is “absolutely sure that the girl is alive and can be found”. Chief-Inspector Olegário de Sousa is quoted as saying just that the “information (from Mr. Toscano) is being evaluated”.

Police has already the results from forensic analysis, according to today's Portuguese Press. All the reports of analysis requested to material related with Madeleine's case – including the DNA samples - have been sent to the PJ by the Police Scientific Laboratory, reports Correio da Manhã.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for this reporting on the Madeleine Case!
In Sweden there is not much covering for this little por girl even that is possible that she is here to.
I am follow this and have done that from day one. I hope everything soon is over and she is happily back with her family!
Best regards from Peter / Sweden

Anonymous said...

WHat happend to Robert Murat? Is hi off the case for now?
Have they found DNA on the towel that was found in the dessert?


Anonymous said...

I am following your coverage because it is less likely to be British biased. When there are no leads, we speculate over what seems to have not been investigated eg, the petrol station CCTV and the claim by Toscana. Even if Toscana does stretch the truth and the Spanish deny knowing him, will he get interviewed (by PJ and UK police) and asked to list the people involved in the alledged kidnapping by the Frenchman? I know you will not know the answers, but in the absence of any other leads, these need investigating and then pursuing or discounting. We all want a happy outcome, my god its gone on long enough and that poor girl needs to be found safe, unharmed and intact. Keep reporting, thanks Rachel

Peter said...

I totally agree with you Rachel! Keep up the very good work!

Peter / Sweden