Sunday, 29 July 2007

Help finding Rui Pedro – a missing Portuguese child

Filomena Teixeira, 43 years old, looks tired in the picture published by “Expresso”, a Portuguese weekly newspaper. Her son, Rui Pedro, vanished nine years ago, while playing near her office, in a small town, Lousada. His case was referred a few times, in the Portuguese Press, as an example of a case that had a very different approach, from Police, when comparing with Madeleine's abduction.
Last week, Rui Pedro's mother saw, for the first time, an image of how her son would be, now. The image was prepared by Scotland Yard Police Facial Imaging Team, following a formal request from Portuguese Police, after “Expresso” took the initiative to ask for help from British Police.
Family members of Rui Pedro went abroad, several times, at their own expenses, to follow clues that seemed to be solid. Pictures of a boy with strong similarities to Rui Pedro surfaced twice, in paedophile material apprehended by British and Swiss Police. On January 2002, Portuguese Police received other pictures from a boy tied up and gagged, also apprehended to a paedophile. Filomena Teixeira saw the pictures and she is sure it was her son.
The family opened an bank account to ask for donations to help find Rui Pedro. The account never got more than one thousand euros. Rui Pedro's family sent a message of solidarity to Gerry and Kate McCann and invited them to be members of the “Portuguese Association of Missing Children”. The message was sent on May 11, but they received no answer. More information about Rui Pedro may be found on this web page (English version): RuiPedro.Net

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