Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Spanish Court orders Italian Danilo Chemello to be freed

The Spanish Court of San Roque ordered Italian citizen Danillo Chemello, accused of an extortion attempt against Madeleine's parents, to be freed, according to French blog SOS Madeleine. Portuguese police was just informed of the decision of the Spanish Court to drop to case, writes SOS Madeleine, quoting a source close to the investigation. The decision was taken last Friday, but Danilo Chemello is still in jail, waiting for the annulment of the detention order issued by “Audiencia Nacional”, the Spanish Supreme Court, because of the extradition request against him, from French authorities. Danilo Chemello and is Portuguese wife, Aurora Vaz Pereira, were arrested on June 28, after an alleged attempt to extort money from McCann couple. The Italian is wanted by French Police because of a conspiracy to kill a judge.

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