Friday, 31 August 2007

DNA samples: Results of the analysis from FSS will not be sent to Portugal

Once the Forensic Science Service finishes the analysis to the samples collected at Praia da Luz, the results will not be sent to the Portuguese authorities, according to the Daily Mail. The British newspaper quotes a spokesman from Forensic Science Service, who denied that FSS has sent any part of the samples to other laboratory: “Every major breakthrough in the field of analysing DNA comes from the Forensic Science Service. There is nobody ahead of us in this”. The spokesman of FSS told Daily Mail that it was not possible to “put a timescale” on the work, because they are dealing with “an incredible complex situation”. The finals results of the analysis will be sent to Leicestershire Police and detectives from that British Police Force will decide what part of that information will be send to the Portuguese authorities.

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