Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Madeleine and Ylenia: Police looks for possible connections

Forensic tests on the body of Urs Hans Von Aesch, a Swiss citizen who apparently killed himself last Friday, August 3, showed that he has been in contact with several objects that belong to Ylenia Lenhard, a five years old child who disapeared the same day, near the swimming pool of Appenzell, Switzerland, according to SOS Madeleine. A bagpack, with her clothes inside and her cycling helmet were near the area where Police found the body of Von Aesch, another man with gunshot wounds and a white van. Bruno Fehr, Police chief of St. Galle, quoted by SOS Madeleine, admited the possibility of Urs Hans Von Aesch being connected to other missing children cases, in the 70's and 80's, before he left Switzerland to live in Spain, in 1990.

Information about this case, according to the same source, was sent to Soko Rebecca, a special task-force from Swiss Police for all pending cases of missing children. Swiss Police sent also information to Interpol, in order to check a possible connection with Madeleine's disappearence, as there are indications that Von Aesch could have been in Portugal around May this year.

Second gun not found

Other man found injured at Oberbüren forest, 32 km from Appenzell, was walking in the forest, according to Enfants Kidnapés, a French blod dedicated to fight paedophile crimes and helping find missing children. But he was shot with a different gun, as the bullet found in his body is not from the same gun that killed Von Aesch. Only one gun – a pistol – was found, close to the body of Von Aesch. The second man has been already discharged from hospital and questioned by Police, but his identity remains unknown. Several witnesses, also according to Enfants Kidnapés, told police they saw two men inside a white van, in Appenzell, the days before Ylenia disappeared.

Von Aesch had a criminal record

The Swiss citizen found dead had a criminal record and was sentenced to 15 months in jail, in 1961, after he tried to extort 10 thousand Swiss Francs from a businessman, in Zurich, threatening to kidnapp his young son, still according to Enfants Kidnapés. Von Aesch had a successfull company, in the 70's, but its business – a filing classification system for documents – ended quickly when computers started to be widely available. He has been living in Benimantell (Spain), 15 km from Benidorm. He was well known from the local population and considered a quiet and friendly person.

For the last weeks, he has been traveling in Switzerland, in a white van with the back area adapted to be used as a sleeping place, apparently looking for houses to buy or rent, according to Swiss Police sources quoted by Enfants Kidnapés. Hundreds of Police officers are still looking for Ylenia Lenhard but Bruno Fehr, Police chief of St. Galle, told the Press that he "fears the worst."

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