Monday, 6 August 2007

New forensic searches to vehicles that belong to Murat and “other people connected to the case”

Portuguese Police “does not confirm news published today by the Portuguese Press”, the spokesman for Polícia Judiciária told Gazeta Digital. Chief-Inspector Olegário de Sousa said also that “two specially trained dogs were used, in several searches, in cooperation with British Police.” PJ spokesman referred that this case "has several witnesses and one formal suspect and further forensic analysis were made today, at the end of the afternoon, in vehicles that belong to the suspect ('arguido' Robert Murat) and other persons connected to the case”. Gazeta Digital knows that one of the vehicles is a van that belongs to Ocean Resort. Analysis to this vehicle took place at a GNR (Portuguese Rural Police) precinct, near Praia da Luz."

Murat's girlfriend car and another vehicle that belongs to his estranged husband are among the cars that were subjected to these new forensic searches, according to SIC, a Portuguese news channel.

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GJ said...

Does this mean that somebody working for the Ocean Club - as a driver - could be involved?