Thursday, 2 August 2007

Possible sighting of Madeleine McCann in Tongres (*), Belgium

Belgium Police made public an e-fit of a man in his 40's, 1.80 meters, short hair and bear, who was spotted yesterday, in the city of Tongres, near the Belgium/Dutch border, with a girl that looked like Madeleine. The man, who spoke Flemish with a Dutch accent, behaved suspiciously when he stopped at the terrace of a restaurant, accompanied by a woman with brown hair. A witness at the restaurant said that the woman spoke English with a British accent, according to the French blog SOS Madeleine. The couple drove a recent model of a Volvo, black colour, with a Belgian licence plate starting with the letters “VUV”. Belgian authorities have already sent the information to Dutch Police, as they consider the possibility that the couple crossed the border to Holland.

(*) Tongeren, in Flemish.

CORRECTION: The sighting happened on July 28. Belgian authorities issued a warrant, with the e-fit of the suspect, yesterday, August 1.

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