Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Professor Stavroula Adamis: “It’s ridicule to talk about more than two weeks for this kind of analysis”

Professor Stavroula Adamis, from the ”Unité d’Expertise Génétique” (Genetic Forensic Unit) of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, asked to comment about the time Forensic Science Service (FSS), in Birmingham, is taking to finish the analysis of samples collected at Praia da Luz and related with the investigation of Madeleine McCann disappearance, said that “it’s ridicule, for a laboratory with that dimension, to talk about more than two weeks” to have those results.

“Even if it’s necessary to ‘reconstruct’ the DNA, using any available processes or techniques, analysis like that don’t need more than two weeks”, said professor Adamis. Portuguese Police is waiting for the results in order to advance in the investigation of a new line of inquiry that Polícia Judiciária spokesman, Olegário de Sousa, referred, on August 10. An expert at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham, quoted yesterday, August 28, by Daily Express, said that “analysis of multiple samples obtained from several crime scenes where the individuals involved are unknown is much more complex and can take several weeks”.

The samples were taken to FSS more than 20 days ago, by the special British Police team that has been in Praia da Luz, in the last week of July, for a review of the case. The British team searched the crime scene and other places, with the help of two highly trained dogs, able to detect the scents of blood and dead bodies, even months after events occurred.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Stalled for political reasons.

Paulo Reis said...

Dear anonymous,

Check this, me and Mr. Levy just posted it one hour ago:

Only 6 hours to finish a DNA matching test
Samples from Praia da Luz are in FSS since more than one month
The Forensic Science Services (FSS) is able to do the laboratory work for a DNA matching test in six hours. The all process, including the burocratic steps, the drafting of a preliminary report and the final report, takes around 36 hours. However, samples colected at Praia da Luz crime scene and other locations have been in FSS since almost one month (...)

Paulo Reis