Thursday, 20 September 2007

Cardinal has facilitate McCann family's presence at audience with the Pope

Cardinal to facilitate McCann family's presence at audience with the Pope

The President of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, is to facilitate the presence of the family of Madeleine McCann at an audience with Pope Benedict XVI as soon as is feasible. A spokesperson for Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor said:

“The Cardinal is conscious of the prayers of the entire Catholic community in this country for the McCann family at this distressing time. Having spoken to Dr Gerry McCann, the Cardinal is facilitating the presence of the McCanns at an audience with the Holy Father as soon as is feasible. The Cardinal also assured Dr McCann of his prayers for the safe release of Madeleine and for the rest of the family.”


Africanmum said...

I live in West London. The Catholic Church in England is a joke. They have no idea how their congregations feel, and in fact, don't care. They only care about the rich and celebrities. I'm only going to Church still as I grew up in Nigeria where the Catholic Church teaches the bible and keeps to it. Most of the British public are suspicious of this family, but the establishment for some bizarre reason is supporting them. I wonder what connections they have?

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo,

Been reading even though haven't commented. They have already met the pope once, why again? There are dying children out there who's families would love to see him too. They had their turn, let someone else have one.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the Cardinal be better employed rooting out pervert priests?

Karen said...

Interesting comment from African Mum. Both Gerry and Kate are of Irish origin (Gerry from Donegal). Gerry was a Labour party campaigner - does he have Sinn Fein/IRA connections?

Myself said...

The Pope should go to Darfur where thousands are dying because of genocide.

The Pope should attend all the suffering mothers of the world.

I am not against the Pope giving words of comfort to the McCanns, but their not the only ones suffering. How many words of comfort has the Catholic Church given to the other European, Asian, African, Australian, North and South American mothers with missing children?

They should treat all equally.

Africanmum said...

I agree with Anonymous that the Cardinal would be better employed rooting out pervert priests - this Cardinal has actually decided that kiddie fiddlers can be forgiven, so he 'forgives' them and moves them to another parish where they touch up a few more kids. Maybe he feels he can support this ASBO family as they are accused of hurting a child. People at Church can't stop talking about this, and we're disgusted and intrigued by the support they're getting. By the way, they can't be 'devout' Catholics as we've all been told before we get married (at marriage catechism) that IVF isn't allowed for Catholics as it involves embryos being destroyed. All kids of these Dr. Crippens were conceived via IVF. So again, the mind boggles as to why the Pope is going out of his way, then again with the Catholic Church, money talks. Perhaps we should ask Dan Brown of da Vinci code fame to look into this one.

Anonymous said...

Im ready to eat my shoes the day the Pope gets to receive them again - i dont believe he will receive them at all.

The Pope wants nothing but distance from being associated to the McCanns right now.

& for Crists sake, the Pope is a busy man!!