Friday, 21 September 2007

Clarence Mitchell sprining out of control

Polícia Judiciária: Daily Mail news story “seem a strange fairy tale..."

Policia Judiciária denied, today, the idea that «Portuguese detectives have admitted that missing Madeleine McCann may have been abducted - after not finding enough evidence to to further question Kate and Gerry McCann.”, as Daily Mail online edition wrote, at 19:35 pm. This is “utterly false”, a source from Policia Judiciária told, classifying the story as “a strange kind of fairy tale, because none of us was contacted by the newspaper”.


kc said...

Hi Paulo, so you're back in the Algarve.... what were you doing in Spain? related to the case ?

kc said...

Hi Paulo.... so you were in Spain... why ? was it related to the case ?

Linda said...

So many they said but didn't say stories are confusing - one doesn't know what to believe anymore - if there is a trial, maybe then we will know the truth -or at least more of the truth.

I'm losing faith in the newsreporting media but I still trust the scent dogs and believe that those in charge of the investigation are doing the best they can to solve the "What happened to Madeleine puzzle." Poor Madeleine she is the real loser in all of this. As to the innocence or guilt of her parents, that remains up in the air and in the end I hope the people reponsible for Madeleine's disappearence are found and charged no matter who they are. I do find some of what has been reported surrounding the parents bothersome. As for me and my friends, we pray justice will prevail for Maddie's sake.

Anonymous said...

Dear paulo, as you know is very easy to identify if the hairs found in the car are coming from a dead body or not.

So, do you know if that was done? Do the PJ have evidence for the hairs as coming from a cadaver or not?


Anonymous said...

What about this ?

Regarding inspector Amaral, when he and his three colleagues will be charged for fake evidence in the Luisa case ?

If some elements in the portuguese police are not "spinning out of control" of their hierarchy, it should be an interesting move.

Rogue or corrupt elements do exist in every force, in every country — except Portugal ?

Anonymous said...

Another "what about this"...

What about letting the police do their job and stop asking the protection of the politics??

What about that???

What about starting to treat the other independent countries with respect???

What about that???

What about concentrating the efforts for the search of the truth and stop publishing lies about Portugal???

What about that???

What about showing respect for Madeleine and seek justice for her???

What about that???

Anonymous said...

What about this ?

"Portugal does not have the the track best record - it is rated as a Tier 2 country (as per the U.S. 2007 Trafficking in Humans Report) with regard to it's policies on human trafficking. In fact, it is one of the only countries in Western Europe with this poor rating. If anyone would like to become more involved in the fight against child trafficking, we recommend a site called"

Helen UK said...


Proof that you cannot beleive anything you read in the Daily Mail, especially the online edition.
I copied these 2 extracts from yesterdays edition..2 separate articles both relating to Madeleine and her family's whereabouts during the late afternoon of the 3rd May 2007 both items are referring to the Paraiso

It is understood the McCanns then took Madeleine and the twins for a picnic lunch and they spent time at the beach and at the pool of the Ocean Club.
At 5.30pm, Mr McCann took part in a social tennis event inside the complex with the other men in the group, all doctors who had first met while working in a hospital together in Leicester.
Meanwhile, the children in the group ate their supper at the Paraiso restaurant close to the beach at Praia da Luz with their parents. The McCanns and their children were not present.

Mr McCann played with his eldest daughter in the sand in front of the balcony and pushed her on a swing before calling her to the table for food and an ice-cream.
Mr Matias said: "It was a perfectly normal, relaxed, happy, family scene. The little girl was even dancing on the esplanade with her dad to the sound of music that was playing. "We couldn't believe it when we found out what had happened because nothing we saw gave any sign of what was coming.
"We didn't see anyone suspicious looking at the girl or the people on the other tables. Nor did we see anything out of the ordinary between the families and the children.'
Mr Matias's evidence confirms Madeleine was alive and well at 6pm, when the family left the restaurant.

Needless to say one of the articles has now been amended!
"The Hand of Clarence Strikes Again"

Helen UK

Anonymous said...

What about this ?

1. We have a pending disciplinary proceed, and a potential felony case against inspector Amaral and 3 of his colleagues (among them the current chronicler of Diario di Noticias
on the Maddie’s case). Needless to say this is somewhat troubling.

2. Belgium had, as you may know, a huge infanticide case with high officials possibly corrupted and high profile individuals involved.
Other countries are not free of this danger.

3. Any professional in law enforcement, any profiler or psychologist aware of criminal matters — and I'm somewhat personally entitled to say that — would be hard-pressed to justify Mr and Mrs Mc Cann attitude if they had killed their daughter (even by accident).
They would have to be a pair of very cynical individuals, and very, very strong in mastering deception techniques to do so in front of so many people involved in this case, police, media or whatever.
This simply doesn't fit.

4. From an external point of view (limited, I admit), polce investigation seems quite biased from the beginning, and for two reasons :
- police admits now they never believed in the abduction scenario, but don't say why.
- police leaked a lot of information, against portuguese law, that same law they turn now against the McCann (see last statement of the Afsic official).

Now, objectively, any force would have a vested interest in closing a case like this one, and not only to preserve the reputation of Algarve as a touristic destination.

Please note, as a reminder, these informations, as a matter of context, prior to the abduction of Madeleine McCann :,3604,848412,00.html

Paulo Reis said...

Dear anonymous,

1 - Could you identify the colleague of Mr. Amaral, wich has "a pending disciplinary proceed, and a potential felony case against" him and is "a current chronicler of Diario di Noticias on the Maddie’s case"?

2 – This is Portugal, not Belgium.

3. You wrote that if “Mr and Mrs Mc Cann (...) had killed their daughter (even by accident) they would have to be a pair of very cynical individuals, and very, very strong in mastering deception techniques to do so in front of so many people involved in this case, police, media or whatever.” I agree with you...

4. You wrote that “from an external point of view (limited, I admit), polce investigation seems quite biased from the beginning (...). I also agree with you. Your point of view is a limited one...

5 – You refer “as a reminder, these informations, as a matter of context, prior to the abduction of Madeleine McCann :,3604,848412,00.html

Let me refer to you, as a reminder, these informations, prior and after to the abduction of Madeleine McCann :

List of people charged (trial is going on) in the Casa Pia’s case:
Carlos Cruz - TV entertainer
Carlos Silvino ("Bibi") – employee of Casa Pia
Jorge Ritto - Ambassador
Hugo Marçal - lawyer
Ferreira Diniz - doctor
Manuel Abrantes – former deputy-director of Casa Pia
Gertrudes Nunes – owner of a home who rented rooms

And read also this:


Clarence Mitchell spining out of control
Polícia Judiciária: Daily Mail news story “seem a strange fairy tale..." (09h04, September 20, 2007)

Daily Mail: Portuguese police admit Madeleine MAY have been abducted after all (09h02, September 20, 2007)

“The Mirror (16.09.07): British Police says the evidence the Portuguese police are gathering is legitimate and the investigation is progressing.” (06h44, September 20, 2007)

Belfast Telegraph: Time for the British Government keep out of a serious criminal investigation (16h14, September 18, 2007)

The McCann look for "more powerfull backers" and appeal to Gordon Brown (16h18, September 18, 2007)

Dangerous connections (26.08.07)

'Find Madeleine' campaign scaled down following advice from Gordon Brown (29.08.07)

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The circus has came to town (08.09.07)

Portuguese Prime-Minister launches a violent attack against British Government (13.09.07)

McCanns appealed personally to David Miliband, Britain's Foreign Secretary” (17.09.07)

Desperate attempt to stop a rising tide: Justine McGuiness and Angus McBride met with editors of six British daily newspapers (13.09.07)

Cashing in on Madeleine's name: Fund managers asked for trademark registration (15.09.07)

Gerry McCann: Portuguese policemen “are imbeciles” (18.09.07)

The Times: "Sources in Britain" agree that “there is 'significant' scientific evidence linking Mr and Mrs McCann to their daughter’s death.” (03h42, September 19, 2007)

John Redwood, Tory MP: “The Mc Canns theory that the girl was abducted also needs evidence to support it...” (06H37, September 18, 2007)

Mark Williams-Thomas, WT Associates managing director and PR consultant: Portuguese Police used secrecy law as "an excuse for not doing proper detective work" (13h27, September 17, 2007)

Daily Mail: 48 % of British people believe that Madeleine's parents may have been responsible for her accidental death (07h44, September 17, 2007)

The Telegraph: Evidence obtained by South Yorkshire Police sniffers dogs “no more reliable than 'the flip of a coin" (07h29, September 17, 2007)

Sky News Crime Expert is director of a company for media handling and advice for high profile cases (04h55, September, 15, 2007)

“Find Madeleine” Fund gaves up search for Madeleine's abductors (9h11 am, September 13, 2007

Leicester head of CID spent an hour with the McCann family (September 13, 2007)


Anonymous said...

This seems pretty important and reliable :,,31200-1265415,.html