Monday, 24 September 2007

Dai Davies (*) Director of Selectamark Consultancy: Portuguese Police is incompetent..

Dai Davies: "I was amazed at how close their apartment was to the tapas restaurant"

Sunday Mirror:
Police here have given up looking for poor Maddie

By Dai Davies (*)

In my 38 years of police and private security work all over the world I've never known anything like the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

To the outsider it has all the ingredients of a classic Agatha Christie-style whodunit - but in reality it's far more complex and heartbreaking, because it involves the disappearance of a little girl.

I spent a week in Praia da Luz where Madeleine went missing, "walking the shop floor" as I call it, going over the available evidence and unearthing some startling new information about the case. And in what will surely be another hammer-blow to the McCanns' hopes of finding their little daughter, I've discovered from lengthy talks with my barrister contact that Portuguese investigators have unofficially abandoned the hunt for Madeleine's alleged abductor.

There is now NO detective work being carried out by Portuguese police to link anyone other than the McCanns to Maddie's disappearance. Officially, they say they're continuing the search for an abductor. But their policy is now to only respond to sightings reported to them by Europol and Interpol.

The officers leading the investigation are pinning their hopes on the DNA evidence, getting some sort of confession from the McCanns or their friends, or finding Madeleine's body.

They remain convinced of her parents' guilt, apparently unwilling to consider another scenario, even as their "house of cards" case collapses around them. Another fresh revelation that undermines the Portuguese effort is that police also failed to take DNA samples from Madeleine's little brother Sean, two, and his twin sister, Amelie, until their parents were made "arguidos", or suspects, just over two weeks ago. This failure has seriously undermined the whole forensic case against the McCanns. It means early forensic work is flawed and needs to be re-examined. A process that could take months.

Evidence gathered by the Portuguese police against the McCanns which we have learned about in the past couple of weeks depends entirely on forensic tests, including DNA evidence, so-called bodily fluids and hair. Yet I have found that evidence has been fatally flawed through their own incompetence. The apartment was also not sealed off properly, meaning any evidence was contaminated from the outset.

Also, I can now see the McCanns in no way abandoned their kids, as some have suggested. I was amazed at how close their apartment was to the tapas restaurant. After just a few hours it was also possible to dispel some of the slurs that have been levelled at the McCanns. Gerry did not call Sky TV before he called the police, as the Portuguese media has claimed. Police now know this was done by Gerry's sister, Philomena, in Glasgow. But they have allowed that rumour to fester.

The McCanns are also deeply religious, yet the Portuguese police want us to believe they have disposed of their daughter's body at sea or buried it in unconsecrated ground.

The police now need to halt their campaign to pin this awful crime on two innocent people and bring in new officers for a complete overhaul with fresh eyes. It's back to square one.


1. Maddie was snatched by an opportunist paedophile. He only planned to abuse her but panicked, possibly strangled her and took the body. Profile: White male, 20-35, single, lives with mother. Known to police, knew resort.

2. A planned abduction, plotted in UK, in which she was "snatched to order" by a paedophile gang. Profile: British, male or female, 20-40, living alone.

3. Someone holding a grudge against the McCanns. Profile: Impossible to estimate, but likely to be more than one person.

4. Snatched by local childless couple. Profile: Portuguese, 30-45.

I am afraid to say it is most likely Maddie is dead. And I fear the failure of the Portuguese investigation could lead to the shadow of suspicion hanging over the McCanns for years to come.


Anonymous said...

Paulo I regret you inform you that you are now experiencing the worst of the UK Media.

Probably more unsettling (for you) is that the once prestigious TIMES is now a Rupert Murdoch media whore.

We live in interesting times, people can now source their "news" from the internet. I fear this will NOT be allowed to last much longer. Keep up the good work.

Quite frightening isn't it that so many ex cops have become Media manipulators? I think that their more than generous pensions should be ended when they do this.

Anonymous said...

Yes PJ is imcompetent.
I rule it!!!!

...pssst!!! Mr Davies, sorry to ask, did Scotland Yard already found the killer of Rhys Jones?...

No?????? OPsss........

Anonymous said...

Theories 2,3 and 4 Complete and utter rubbish. Theory 1 is a possible BUT could NOT have happened had she not been left alone.

Candid said...

British scientists say Portuguese police 'twisted' McCann evidence
Last updated at 21:55pm on 23rd September 2007

British scientists have sent Portuguese police an email complaining that their laboratory findings have been "wildly misused".

The Forensic Science Service in Birmingham, who carried out tests on the McCanns' holiday apartment and hire car, criticised detectives for overplaying evidence suggesting Madeleine's DNA had been found in the Renault Scenic which the couple hired 24 days after their daughter disappeared.

They were particularly upset at the way Portuguese police interpreted "inconclusive" forensic evidence and decided the little girl's body could have been transported in the car's boot.

British scientists claim evidence linking McCann's to Madeleine's disappearance is insufficient

Traces of Madeleine's blood, hair and bodily fluids were reportedly found in the car, but the McCanns have said there is nothing that does not have an innocent explanation.

Yesterday a police source in the Algarve admitted that the DNA traces were insufficient to prove a crime.

'We cannot state with certainty she was there,' said the source.

Observer said...

Last Minute:

The Mccans never went to Portugal, and Maddie was taken by one Portuguesa UFO.

As per Central Media, Clarence, Aunt Philomena, Daily Mail and other realy realy trustable sources

Will be 1st page within 1 hour. Sky News can confirm that in special breaking News, from Tapas Bar.

Is that enough ??

New Fund being open to collect contributions to pay an English UFO and Tapas Bar bill.

ps: sorry for my poor english

Anonymous said...

About Dai Davies four theories. I feel that theory #1 begs a #1B.

An 'opportunistic' pedophile is one thing (suggested 20-40 yrs old!) but what about Hans Von Urs?

As in #1B...the 'calculating' pedophile/psycohpath (40+)?

Is it just my imagination or is Interpol, The McCann's, Portuguese Police, Private Detectives, various European journailists, Scotland Yard, Gazeta Digital etc. not follwoing up leads on Hans Von Urs?

I can barely contain myself.

- white van/spanish plates
- psychic's expression of inside the house/online photos of Urs dwelling
- timeline(s)
- abduction and death of young kid
- DNA findings in Urs van etc
- what we might know of psychotic mind/behavior...

Enough already. Were the photos I saw online of his home in Spain a hoax?

What happened to the 'connection' suggested between these two cases?

Urs was 'calculating' not than 'opportunistic'.

As in sinister.

What about tracking his van's path and DNA of Madeleine in his van, the house in Spain...and 'questioning' his wife? and their rental cars!?

By the way, for what its worth, I read online that Gerry McCann 'noticed' a door open that would have been closed, ages ago...within days of the first coverage. I pencilled in that the 'intruder' was already inside at 9pm, back in May. I inked it in when Tanner said she may have seen a man & child at 9:10.

The online expression of 'surprise' at this truly 'old' info in the last few days is weird.

I greatly fear Urs and theory #1b.

Would anyone here set me straight on this subject?

While I am here, I also wanted to say that I have just read my journal from my child's third to fourth birthday.

We just do whatever it takes.


Paulo Reis said...

About Urs van Erch, Swiss and Spanish police have already done everything you sugested, and a little bit more. News will be available soon, I believe...

A woman, friend of the McCann (Jane Tanner...) was quoted IN MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST AND MOST THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER, by all British Media saying that SHE SAW A MAN CARRYING A BLOND CHILD DRESSED IN A PINK PIJAMA and going in the DIRECTION OF THE CHURCH, ON MAY 3, AROUND 9.30 pm - meaning, getting out of the building where apartment 5A is located and turning to the RIGHT SIDE.

Daily Mail:

"(...)Previous versions of the May 3 sighting have always suggested that the mystery figure turned right out of the complex and walked urgently downhill in the direction of the beach, away from the villa where the 33-year-old former UK car salesman lives with his mother."

Last updated at 00:59am on 21st September 2007

A woman, friend of the McCann (Jane Tanner...) was quoted YESTERDAY, by several British newspapers, saying that SHE SAW A MAN CARRYING A BLOND CHILD DRESSED IN A PINK PIJAMA and going in the DIRECTION OF ROBERT MURAT'S HOME, ON MAY 3, AROUND 9.30 pm - meaning, getting out of the building where apartment 5A is located and TURNING TO THE LEFT SIDE.
Daily Mail:
"Madeleine: Friend says 'mystery man carrying child' was heading towards Murat's home"

Last updated at 00:59am on 21st September 2007

Give my regards to Clarence..

Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...

PS - "Mari Olli, a Norwegian and a retired social worker, 45 years old, lives in Spain, Málaga, with her husband. The couple has been on hollidays in Agadir, Morocco (...) They were returning to Spain and they stopped at Marrakesh, for the night of May 8 to 9. Early in the morning, they drove their car to Tarifa, to catch a ferryboat back home. They stopped at a gas station to buy some water and that was the place where Mrs Mari Olli says she saw Madeleine. This is a quote from the report that she sent, by email, to British Police:

“At the petrol station next to Hotel Ibis Palmeraie in Marrakesh (Address, Avenue Abdelkrim Khattabi) Wednesday 9th of May, about 10 am, I saw the girl inside the shop. She was wearing clear blue pyjamas. Some pattern on the top, trousers little darker. Don’t think the trousers had any pattern (...)"

Color of the pyjama Madeleine was dressed with, when she disappeared, according with Kate and Gerry McCann: PINK

Color of the pyjamas the girl seen by MARI OLLI, at a gas station near Marrakesh, Morocco, was dressed with: BLUE,,2-10-1462_2127751,00.html

Color of the pyjamas the girl seen by JANE TANNER, being carried away form apartment at the Ocean Club was dressed with: PINK,,2164779,00.html

Color of the pyjamas the girl seen by JANE TANNER, being carried away form apartment at the Ocean Club: NONE


Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Mari Olli... I recall reading about her on your blog sometime ago. Does she have a relation with the McCanns or live near their home in the UK, or maybe it was the hospital where Dr.McCann is employed.

I don't recall reading a update on the subject.

Lolita said...

We could have used his time for doing something else than an unfunded smear against PJ.
Davis wrote a lot of words but in fact, said nothing.

Anonymous said...


Dont forget please the polices from Scotland Yard, Europol, Interpol, Espanha, Marrocos, etc...etc...ahhhh, and the "specialists" from private u.k. ......

Anonymous said...

Really troubling and painful, regarding the ways of some policemen…