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Dai Davies, from Kingfell Global Crisis, ex-Metropolitan Metropolitan Police Detective: “I am afraid to say it is most likely Maddie is dead"

Police here have given up looking for poor Maddie
By Dai Davies Former Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent 23/09/2007

Dai Davies (*), associate of Kingfell Global Crisis, Director and Lead Consultant of Selectamark Consultancy consultant at SelectaDNA has a clear opinion about Portuguese Police:

“There is now NO detective work being carried out by Portuguese police to link anyone other than the McCanns to Maddie's disappearance (...) their policy is now to only respond to sightings reported to them by Europol and Interpol.”

“The officers leading the investigation (...) remain convinced of her parents' guilt, apparently unwilling to consider another scenario, even as their "house of cards" case collapses around them.”

“Another fresh revelation that undermines the Portuguese effort is that police also failed to take DNA samples from Madeleine's little brother Sean, two, and his twin sister, Amelie, until their parents were made "arguidos", or suspects, just over two weeks ago.”

“This failure has seriously undermined the whole forensic case against the McCanns. It means early forensic work is flawed and needs to be re-examined. A process that could take months.”

Evidence gathered by the Portuguese police against the McCanns (...) has been fatally flawed through their own incompetence. The apartment was also not sealed off properly, meaning any evidence was contaminated from the outset.”

“Also, I can now see the McCanns in no way abandoned their kids, as some have suggested."

"I was amazed at how close their apartment was to the tapas restaurant (...)"

Aerial view: 120 meters, the walk from the apartment 5A to the Tapas Bar


"Gerry did not call Sky TV before he called the police, as the Portuguese media has claimed. Police now know this was done by Gerry's sister, Philomena, in Glasgow. But they have allowed that rumour to fester.”

The (Portuguese) police now need to halt their campaign to pin this awful crime on two innocent people and bring in new officers for a complete overhaul with fresh eyes. It's back to square one.”

(*) Former Metropolitan Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent

Dai Davies, former Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent: “I am afraid to say it is most likely Maddie is dead”

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