Saturday, 22 September 2007

Daily Express: McCann in ultimatum to Portuguese Justice, either charge us or clear our name

McCann in ultimatum to Portuguese Justice, either charge us or clear our name

Saturday September 22,2007

KATE and Gerry McCann now believe they would be better off being charged over Madeleine's disappearance, it emerged last night.

It is the clearest sign yet of the family’s growing frustration at the innuendo and rumour being levelled against them from the Portuguese police. A source close to the McCanns’ legal team said the time had come for the case against them to be brought into the open. But he admitted that lawyers working on the case believe there is little hope of an early resolution.

“The ball is in the Policia Judiciaria’s court,” he said. “They either need to put up or shut up.”
Privately the McCanns are angry that so much police time is being concentrated on them and away from the hunt for Madeleine. But they are banned from speaking out under Portugal’s secrecy laws.

In a further development, high-flying Portuguese lawyer Rogerio Alves has now joined the so-called Team McCann.


Anonymous said...

They're always seeking to control the agenda.

Will the McCanns be tried by a jury or a judge?

Paulo Reis said...

They can choose. Either they are tried by a court (three judges, not one...) ot they can asked for a jury. It's their option.

Anonymous said...

Remember this case
still not sorted and they have got the body.

Lolita said...

Said it already tonight. Mitchell is certainly not helping their cause. This is not factual PR and certainly doesnt contribute that well to change/manipulate public opinion.

An ultimatum to the Police -
where do the McCanns think they are???? Banana Republic is somewhere else - they got the wrong door but havent understood that quite yet.