Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Final report not yet sent to Portugal

Portuguese TV crew creates panic in Birmingham

The final report of the analysis being made at Forensic Science Service (FSS), the British Police laboratory in Birmingham, wasn't yet sent to Portugal. Only some partial results were sent and Portuguese CID received it today, September 5. The British Police laboratory has been sending some partial results to the Portuguese authorities since the second week of August, as The Times referred, in August 16
Meanwhile, a Portuguese TV crew that was recording in front of FSS building, in Birmingham, was threatened and Police was called, by the private security of FSS. Tiago Contreiras, from RTP, was warned first, by a security element that ”he should leave the place, immediately, for security reasons, as that area was off-limits for journalists”. When the journalist questioned that order, somebody who introduced herself as the laboratory director, talking in a ”very aggressive way”, as Tiago Contreiras told, threatened the journalists, saying that if he didn't moved from that place immediately he would face some unpleasant consequences.

A police car came to the place but the policemen remain inside and took no action. Inside the FSS building, there was total panic. As soon as a foreign TV crew was spotted, internal security gave orders to close all the windows and the building's entry was blocked, with orders to not allow anyone to go out or come inside.

The TV crew has an interview scheduled wit Madeleine’s grandmother but, after this episode, the McCann family Press Office called Tiago Contreiras and cancelled the interview.

Paulo Reis
with Duarte Levy in Birmingham

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susiemac said...

Good evening to you both,

Do you think that the final results will be of assistance with the disappearance of Madeleine?

What I don't understand is why Portugese journalists are in Birmingham and the journalist Mr Blunt, sorry Mr Brunt from Sky News is in PDL. I am confused.

Hope you can reply.


FM said...

I wondered the same as Susiemac. Mr Levy is in UK too?
Why are the results being fed in dribs and drabs when you say they are all complete (for some time now)? I guess you can't answer but I'll post the question any way. It's all too strange.

Paulo Reis said...

Susiemac and fm,

The final results are ready since quite a good time. As we wrote, after, FSS was rechecking some of the results. Since second week of August, info about the results have been sent to the Portuguese Police, through informal channels (it's in The Times, August 16).

It's obvious that if no result was sent before, and only the final report was sent in a specific date, Police would need a long time to go through all the thecnical data and ifo, right?

As there are dozens of samples, there was a priority defined by Portuguese Police, and FSS sent them partial results, following that priority list.

About the other question, you have to ask to Mr. Martin Brunt why he is at Praia da Luz. I know why Mr. Levy is in Birmingham, but I cant't tell you. Yet.


Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...


I believe the final results will be of assistance in the investigation. If they weren't Police wouldn't be waiting for them with so much anxiety..

Paulo Reis

fm said...

Thanks for replying and explaining Paulo,it makes much more sense now.
Relieved to see there was no political conspiracy.

fm said...

Paulo, after recent news I'm now completely confused as to why there is any interest in the lab in Birmingham at this stage and why they are being so aggressive to TV reporters. Are you trying to tell us something.. else .. may be in the lab? I think I'm too tired and over stretching my imagination.

Paulo Reis said...


I just reported facts, in this post:

1 - What happened to the Portuguese TV journalist outside FSS was desdcribed by himself, in a RTP (Portuguese TV channel) news buletin;
2 - What happened inside FSS was reported to me by Mr. Levy, who is in Birmingham;

Why all of this has heppened? It's a good question for FSS director and Birmingham Police to explain.

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Sou Portuguesa. Sinto um arrepio só de pensar no que estes resultados (pelo que li no correio da manha)podem realmente significar.
O choque vai ser enorme muito provavelmente. É incrivel pensar na hipotese (que parece ser cada vez mais uma evidência) do quão multi facetado uma unica pessoa (Neste caso duas pessoas) consegue ser relativamente a uma situação destas. Tão carinhosos com os gemeos por um lado e ao mesmo tempo, quem sabe, tão frios ao ponto de ocultar e omitir um erro tão grave e criminoso bem como, ao ponto de desuadir um mundo inteiro para camuflar essa verdade.
(verdade ainda por confirmar, claro.)
nem quero acreditar que é este o mundo em que vivemos.
Obrigado Paulo pela objectividade e a forma factuosa com que publicas estas noticias.