Thursday, 13 September 2007

“Find Madeleine” Fund gaves up search for Madeleine's abductors

The board of "Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited" issued a statement yesterday, where they say that “with the sudden dramatic and unexpected turn of events at the weekend the directors had to consider whether legal defence costs could be paid for by the fund.”

Those payments, according to the statement, would be legally permissible subject to conditions about repayment in the event of a guilty conviction.” However, the Board of Directors “realise that there is not only a legal answer and recognise the spirit which underlies the generous donations to Madeleine's Fund, which it is the directors' responsibility to steer.”

Because of that, the “the fund directors have decided not to pay for Gerry and Kate's legal defence costs.” About what will happen to the money, the fund directors remembered that “Madeleine's Fund was set up to find Madeleine, support the family and bring the abductor or abductors to justice, and subject to that to help other missing children.”

From now on, the statement concludes, “this fund's money will be focused on finding that little girl and leaving no stone unturned.”

Duarte Levy, in Rothley and Paulo Reis, in Lisbon


Monica said...


Your article's title is the exact opposite of the content.

Toni said...


The fund said the funds money will be focused on FINDING that little girl. Not gives up search as your heading says

Anonymous said...

Yeah, paulo has it wrong...but anyway, why hasn't the fund being used on search for Madeleine in the last 4 months!?!?

Teefee61 said...

Paulo, "gave up" means "desistir", but "leave no stone unturned" means that they will not stop searching until they have searched everywhere.

Paulo Reis said...

yes. The Fund will keep on secrhing fro Madleeine. Not for the abductor or abductors. And they will not support the family, no more. Because if they did it, they will agree to pay legal expenses, and they will NEVER refer that the fund, from a legal point of view, could pay Kate and Gerry McCann legal expenses, under the condition they give the money back, if they were found guilty..

Paulo Reis

Paulette said...

I'm enjoying your blog but the heading to this piece is misleading (in English anyway).

But I'd like to know what exactly is the Madeleine fund doing to find her besides hiring pr consultants?

Why haven't the McCann's hired their own detectives & experts?

I find this very strange behavior on their part. IMHO, a normal loving parent would have immediately put together his own group of detectives, childnapping experts etc....

And I am not saying the Portuguese police aren't doing a good job but as a parent with personal financial resources & then with the huge amount collected via donations it seems more than odd to me that they've only spent that money on travelling around Europe, Flyers & image consultants (oh well & now extradition lawyers?).

Monica said...

Rememeber, the fund was made to fnd litte Madeleine (findMadeleine) and not to find her abductor(s).
It is not a "find Madeleine's abductor(s) fund!