Thursday, 6 September 2007

Friends are coming for questioning on Monday

Kate McCann left CID headquarters in Portimão

After almost 11 eleven hours, Madeleine’s mother left the CID building, in Portimão, facing dozens of journalists and 18 TV cameras. His lawyer Pinto de Abreu told journalists that she was questioned as a witness and refused to make further comments, because of the Secrecy Law.

Police sources said, at the end of the afternoon, that Gerry McCann would be questioned immediately after Kate, but there is no indication that it may happen this night. On Monday two couples, from the eight McCann friends that were dinning altogether at Tapas Bar will come to Portimão, to be also questioned, again..

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fm said...

Thanks Paulo, do you know if Kate McCann has been made an 'assistant' then after all?

Paulo Reis said...


Just check my front page:

There is a story with the confirmation:


Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo

I read that their is CCTV camera's in the entry of secured area's of the resort (Tapas Bar, Pool area etc) Surely this would capture the McCann group whilst checking on the kids throughout the night a be able to place them on a verified timeline?? Has this footage ever been released and made public??

Sorry for the long comment, I didn't know who else to ask - I do not want to believe any of the current situation!!


Paulo Reis said...

Dear anonymous,

Yes, there was a CCTV camera on that place. But the only thong that I know (and was referred by the Media) is that the CCTV camera was not working, at the time. It seems that it was broken.


Paulo Reis