Thursday, 27 September 2007

"If it's nor Madeleine, it's her twin sister” or “it's not 100 % certain"?

Clara Torres, the Spanish woman that took the picture of a young girl being carried on the back of a woman, in a road in Morocco, told Spanish newspapers that she was at a bus, “driving at 60 km per hour” - a speed that makes very difficult to get any clear picture of people walking on the other side of the road. “The bus was driving to Tétuan”, she told to “20 Minutos”. She was accompanied by her fiancée, on August 31. After she heard about several new reports in the British Press, she took a better look at the pictures and realized that the girl seemed to be Madeleine McCann.

If it's not Madeleine, than it's her twin sister” she told Spanish Press. Immediately after taking the picture, Clara Torres and the fiancée tout it could be Madeleine. But than they discarded the possibility and they didn't even talked about this with Clara's parents, that were at a second mini-bus, just behind their vehicle.

After sending the picture to Spanish police, who told them that it will take some time to analyse it, Clara Torres and his fiancée went to the British Embassy, with a lawyer, on the morning of September 24. They gave a copy of the picture to be send to Scotland Yard and talked on the phone with one of McCan's lawyer who, after seeing the picture, told the Spanish couple that he was “absolutely sure” the girl was Madeleine McCann.

Following the advice of her lawyer, Clara Torres changed her initial statement - “If it is not Madeleine McCann, than she has a twin sister” - to a more soft approach. Speaking to The Times, later, Clara Torres admitted that “although it’s not 100 per cent certain, there’s a strong possibility it could be Madeleine and if it is it could provide a twist to everything that has happened.”

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Anonymous said...

Boushra is very much like Madeleine, I think. Well spotted Clara Torres!

Anonymous said...

In the US, it is always the black man that did it. I guess in Britain the boggie monster is Arab.
The xenophobism behind this story is incredible by any accounts. Very, very well played out. I take my hats off to Team McCann.

Anonymous said...

Please check whether there is a connection between Clara Torres and the McCann family. Rumors are floating around the internet that Gerry McCann knows someone in her family from his days in the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

The rumour from the Express forum, reposted on anorak is Clara Torres attended medical school in Amsterdam at the same time Gerry McCann was working there, and her husband lived in Groby.
Perhaps she is Mari Olli's sister as well!