Saturday, 8 September 2007


The case of Joana Cipriana, sentenced to 16 years in jail, with her brother, for the killing of her daughter, is referred by “The Sun” as having “chilling echoes” with the present situation of Kate McCann. The newspaper interviewed her husband, Leandro Silva, who says he believes in the innocence of McCann couple and says he is worried about the possibility that Kate McCann may be framed, just like his wife. His mother, at the time made the same kind of appeals to alleged kidnappers that Kate McCann has been doing: “Please, don't hurt her”. Philomena McCann, Madeleine's aunt, questioned the fact that the Portuguese Government had “some kind of a rogue policeman” in Madeleine's case. She was referring to Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, who directed the investigation of Joana Cipriano's case.

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Teefee61 said...

Paulo, You have another page about Leonor Cipriano, which gives more details.
She is a sociopath who was beaten up in prison by other prisoners, who was convicted on the basis of strong forensic evidence, as well as other witnesses.
She was known to have beaten her daughter, Joana, and otherwise to have neglected her.
This Joana case bears very little resemblance to the case of Maddie.
The fact that it has been brought up again now just shows Cipriano's sense of opportunism and willingness to exploit the current situation for her own benefit.
What is more shocking is the absence of British Newspapers research on the matter. Why? It is another story to sell to villify the Portuguese police. They sell more newspapers by taking advantage of British Xenophobia.