Thursday, 27 September 2007

Madeleine : British mercenaries in action in Portugal, Morocco and Spain

Private investigators unconnected to Control Risk Group” hired by the McCann couple “are believed to be already working in Morocco, Portugal and Spain”, helping in the search of Madeleine McCann, according to The Times. Those “private investigators” are “freelance” former member of British Special Forces and, as a source close to the McCann’s legal team told the Daily Mail, "you wouldn't tangle with some of them. They're not pastry chefs, let's put it that way."

Gerry and Kate hired, in May, the Control Risk Group, a private security company with 600 employees all over the world, most of them former Special Air Service soldiers, MI5 and MI6 agents. Reports in the British Press said they had teams working in Portugal, Morocco, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, looking for Madeleine McCann and “doing some things that the Portuguese police can’t do.”

Private investigation of a crime, in Portugal, is also a crime, as the president of Portuguese Judges Union told The Times. Antonio Martins said that the McCann “could be charged with 'obstruction of justice' if prosecutors find evidence of a parallel investigation,”


Anonymous said...

About time.

Anonymous said...

They must be controled, identified and arrested.
PORTUGAL is a sovereign country.

Mccann should answeer in court by that.

Anonymous said...

Why is it a crime in Portugal?
They are only looking for their daughter for God's sake! The job PJ has refused to do anymore(have they ever bothered looking for her?).

How convenient is it of PJ to forbid any private investigators working in Portugal. It looks more and more like PJ really is hiding something and wants to frame McCanns for something they haven't done.

Anonymous said...

I also think that if they have hired extra help, it should not be against the law. They are trying to find a small missing child who the pj assume ios dead, and parents say is not.

Why should they risk having prison over trying to find their child? There is somewhere out there the law is protectiing and it should not be allowed.

If this will find a child and save many moths of pj money, why the heck not? McCanns....go for it, I would!

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand why there is being made so much out of this.

Kate & Gerry are trying, with all the means they have, to find their daughter. I would, without a shawow of a doubt, do exactly the same - right from the media campaign to hiring PI's.

Sara said...

Well I don't get it. I think they are responsible for their daughters death. They were so scared when it happened - afraid of jail or job loss and their twins - the thought of losing all that is good in life, so they would rather pull off this hoax than face up to their responsibility. They are making the world suffer with them while this lie is being foisted on us all. Now they can't stop. So we have mercenaries and paid dectectives and sightings of every blond girl throughout the world.

Paulette said...

The asinine comments (meaning anon #'s 3-5 - think 'arsinine" if that helps you comprehend the word's meaning any better) just goes to show you what living on a poor disgusting vile diet high in both fat and starch, like the British diet, will do to the brain cells of a human.

Teresa said...

Well said Paulette. As for Anon 3, where is your logic? If private investigation is illegal in Portugal, why does that show that the PJ are hiding something? The law wasn't invented for this case... "Arsinine" indeed.
Looks like you've swallowed the xenophic C*** that Brit tabloids have been spinning about Portugal.

Personally I'm glad to see the McCanns have private dicks on the case, even if it's illegal. But maybe it's spin. We just don't know.