Saturday, 22 September 2007

Madeleine parents hire top Portuguese lawyer

Madeleine parents hire top Portuguese lawyer
The parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann have hired one of Portugal's top lawyers to head up their defence team, according to press reports Friday. Rogerio Alves, the president of the Portuguese Bar, told the Diario de Noticias: "If I accepted the job, it's because I believe there are good reasons to do so."


Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo,

Only to let you know how good British Police is....

Today two British polices watch and led a child get drown in a pond without moving a finger to save him. The reason for this odd behavior is simple, they are not trained to do operations in the good English, swimming is not for British police IOOOH!

Anonymous said...

They wasnt police officers, they were PCSO's there not the same as the police. Also the accident wasnt today it happened in May this year. Perhaps you should also show some more respect to this boys family.

I dont agree with having PCSO's, they money would be better spent on recruiting more police.

Africanmum said...

Another example of the perfect British Police - a report by BBC yesterday said about 500 to 600 people die in British custody each year. And a girl called Millie Dowler went missing in 2002, no one knows what happened since. And a guy called Ian Huntley was reported to Humberside Police as a rapist, police did nothing and he went on in 2002 to kill 2 children in Soham. And one of the police officers involved in the case was caught with child pornography, after he'd been allowed to read during their church funeral service. I've visited Portugal and the people are decent, hence many of us Brits are rushing over there to live.

Anonymous said...

Another example:

Rhys Jones a boy of 11 years old was killed in Liverpool at two months ago. They have body, they witnesses, forensic evidences...everything.

However, guess what, the killer is still enjoying life in liberty.