Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Mari Olli is married with Ray Pollard, born and raised at Groby, Leicester

The Norwegian social worker who says that she saw Madeleine McCann in Morroco is married to Ray Polard, born and raised at Leicester, and the couple lived for some time in Groby, a ten minutes ride from Rothley, where the McCann live, and five minutes from the hospital where Gerry MaCann works. Mari Olli and her husband live in Spain, Málaga. Since Madeleine disappeared, Polícia Judiciária had to send teams of investigators to 256 diferent localities, in Portugal, to investigate alleged sightings of the missing child, accordind to Carlos Anjos, president of ASFIC, PJ Inspector's Union.


Patriota said...

Are you kidding me? That's a man!

Anonymous said...

Why did you put this up? What are you trying to say by this?

Anonymous said...


He is trying to say he smells a rat.
Wasn't that an odd sighting of Madeleine in
Nobody these days is so out of touch with the news that they would not have heard of the Madeleine McCann case, even in Morocco, where they get all the international TV stations as well as French.
Surely she would have registered the Leicestershire link, having lived there? Weird and weirder.

Anonymous said...

Is she the one with the incinerator in the back yard?