Friday, 28 September 2007

McCann couple refuses to take a lie detector test

“We know that the lie detector is not accepted by Portuguese authorities, so the McCann don't want to be submitted to a test”, Clarence Mitchell, the former Media Monitoring Unit director and spokesman for Gerry and Kate McCann told, yesterday, to Portuguese daily “24 Horas”. The newspaper asked if the McCann were willing to take a lie detector test, organized and sponsored by the newspaper.


Anonymous said...

It is not only Portuguese authorities who this lie detector would or would not convince. It is also public opinion they need to have support from, at this point.. The McCanns have drawn us into this by the extreme media usage and they are now accountable to the public by drawing us in just as Susan Smith did (US mother who claimed her children were abducted). Most of the public would be convinced by a lie detector test organized by the newspaper and support them. I have tried to remain neutral until the true aspects of the case are reveiled but if they refuse the unbiased offered lie detector after "offering" to take one then they are guilty!

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Oh, for any GD good! First we have the Portugese authorities stating publicly that the McCann's are going to be charged if they don't shut up, but then we want to hang them for declining a polygraph test--NOT from any LEA, but rather from one of the OTHER organizations that have repeatedly defamed them??? Who in their right minds would agree to such a thing?
You know, I've often wondered how events like the crucifixion, the Salem witch trials, WWII and other
genocidal atrocities could happen, but I am beginning to understand. Much of the world is just a lynch mob waiting to happen. Effing unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

It was the Mccann's who "offered" the lie detector test in the first place to PROVE their innocence. An unbiased / mediator source for a lie detector test should not be difficult to obtain...crucifixion, witch one wants to hang them for declining...they offered!

The_Truth_Is_Out_There said...

I agree that this just seems like a gimmick offer from a tabloid rag that has made its hostility towards the McCanns very obvious. Why should the McCanns help to sell more copies of their libellous scandal-sheet by submitting to this - not legally admissable - lie-detector test (which is not an infallible procedure in any case, and who knows if the results could be faked by the newspaper anyway?)? I don't blame them for not rising to this cheap scam.

Paulo Reis said...

McCanns offer to take lie test - McCanns refuse lie test

Sep 21, 2007
McCanns offer to take lie test
The parents of Madeleine McCann are prepared to take a lie detector test to prove their innocence

Friends say Kate and Gerry McCann want to show they have nothing to hide over the disappearance of the four-year-old who went missing on a family holiday in Portugal in May.

The couple's decision is the latest stage in a high-profile fightback led by family and friends against police suspicions they may been responsible for Madeleine's death and staged an elaborate cover-up.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said that it was "extremely unlikely" the couple would be asked to take a lie detector test by police. He said: "Kate and Gerry McCann have absolutely nothing to hide and, if a request from the Portuguese authorities was made for them to undergo such a lie detector test, they would have no issue with it, provided the test is suitably overseen by an appropriate expert who can ensure the absolutely reliability of the equipment being used.

"However, it is my understanding that such machines are not used in Portuguese criminal cases, nor is the information from them deemed admissible in court, and there are question marks over their reliability. Therefore we think it is extremely unlikely that such a request for a test would come through."

The_Truth_Is_Out_There said...

Perhaps I missed something? I understood it was a Portuguese tabloid newspaper that has repeatedly slandered the McCanns in print that was attempting to set up this 'test'? Was it in fact the Portuguese authorities/police after all? If it was indeed an official PJ request to the McCanns then obviously that changes everything, if it wasn't then I fail to see the purpose of your post, Paulo.

Anonymous said...

I found this :

Robert Murat:

"The article shows a photograph of Murat's ex-wife with his daughter, Sofia, and recounts in Murat's ex-wife's words some of Murat's strange behaviour in the first few hours after Madeleine went missing. (According to the article, he called his ex-wife in tears numerous times just hours after Madeleine went missing, wanting to speak with his daughter to make sure she was okay and that nothing had happened to her. . .

Did he have some reason to think his daughter could be at risk - or is he just so compassionate that someone else's missing child brings him to tears ? He certainly has not sounded compassionate in the press when he speaks about the McCanns. So why was he so worried about his own daughter hours after Madeleine went missing?

Another article ("Profile: Robert Murat") mentioned that Murat and his ex-wife had been trying for a baby "for years when she finally fell pregnant in 2002" (according to this article:, and finally had their baby girl (born on October 31, 2002 according to this article: In the article "He Dumped Me in Phone Call" it sounds like Murat's behaviour was quite erratic (at least with regards to his ex-wife and daughter - whom, she says, he unceremoniously "dumped over the telephone" after having promised to return with her to England shortly).

**** Curious if it is true that both Murat and the McCanns had difficulty conceiving during around the same time-frame - does anyone know whether Murat and his ex-wife had a child as a result of IVF treatments? Is there possibly any connection in this regard? **** I wonder if anyone has asked him these questions in connection with Madeleine's disappearance. Just a strange coincidence? (1) Murat had reportedly been back to England the week before Madeleine went missing, (2) appeared back in England a few days before Madeleine went missing (in the company of another man - not known who this man was?); (3) claims he was at home at his mother's house all night the night Madeleine went missing, although many witnesses/Resort personnel spotted him on the scene that night as the initial searches began, and (4) then he put many miles on a rental car in the days after she went missing, although it seems it has never been reported where he went, why he needed the rental car, or why he even needed a rental car since he and his mother owned several cars he could have used? (Why would he tell the car rental agent that he needed the car urgently to go help with the Madeleine efforts - putting up posters, etc.? It seems unlikely that this was the reason he needed the rental car. Why did he give his ex-wife's information and her UK address when filling out the car rental papers, rather than his own address in Praia da Luz?)

*** Is it true that the husband of Murat's girlfriend (Luis Antonio) was employed to provide gardening/maintenance/swimming pool maintenance services both for the Mark Warner Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, and for Murat's mother's home/estate Casa Lilianna? I saw it mentioned in several Portugese online press sites. See for example: ("Luís António, um cidadão português, fez durante anos a manutenção dos jardins e da piscina da vivenda da mãe de Murat e do aldeamento Ocean Club, de onde a pequena Maddie desapareceu." English translation: Luis António, a Portuguese citizen, made during years the maintenance of the gardens and the swimming pool of the house of the mother of Murat and the aldeamento Ocean Club, of where the small Maddie disappeared.) I am thinking of your ominous dream drawing mentioning three men, including a Luis . . . also other references referring to a swimming pool, water, underground places . . .Just thought this info about Luis Antonio's maintenance/gardening work for the Ocean Resort and Casa Liliana could be helpful to you, especially since I don't remember seeing this information reported in the English-speaking press."

Anonymous said...

Are we not due another "sighting" ?

Anonymous said...

A mystery boatman was seen kicking at something in the middle of the night two days after Madeleine McCann disappeared, detectives have been told.

Former Mark Warner nanny Charlotte Pennington said she spotted the man in a small dinghy just off the Praia da Luz seafront at 11.30pm. She claims he was kicking at an object stored in the boat's hull.

When she moved closer to investigate, the man - whose name she has given to Portuguese and British police - stooped out of sight then hurriedly rowed away"
London Daily Mail 290907
Where do they get this rubbish from ?

Anonymous said...

Since when has Portugese Law applied in the UK ? Of course they can do interviews but they daren't.