Thursday, 6 September 2007

McCann couple soon to be questioned again

Gerry and Kate McCann and their group of friends can be questioned again by Police very soon, as partial results from FSS analysis recently sent to Portugal will allow Police to move forward in the investigation. Among those samples, some were collected at the house the McCann have rented at Praia da Luz, after leaving Ocean Club, and inside a van they rented at the same time. Correio da Manhã, in today's edition goes further and writes that “the British sniffers dogs had signaled traces of blood and the smell of a dead body in Kate McCann clothes”, details that were not officialy confirmed, until now.

CORRECTION: "but these details are still not confirmed", instead of "details that were not officialy confirmed, until now."


Anonymous said...

Surely the fact that it is published in a newspaper does not make the report a confirmed fact? I would have thought that it would only be a fact if issued by the PJ??

Paulo Reis said...

Dear anonymous,

The McCann couple and their friends will be questioned soon, again, after the last batch of results was sent to Portugal by FSS (not yet the final report...) that's our infomation, and that is a fact.

What Correio da Manhã, reports, it's their report and, as you can see, there is a phrase following the quotation of what Correio da Manhã wrote: "(those) details (...)were not officialy confirmed, until now."

Paulo Reis

mk said...

In correct English, the term "were not officialy confirmed, until now"
means that they are now officially confirmed. It is a short way of saying "They were not previously officially confirmed, but they are now".

I guess the original Portuguese text stated that these details are still not confirmed?

I read on another forum that the cuddle cat doll also had the smell of a dead body. Is this also mentioned in the CM report?

Paulo Reis said...

Dear mk,

Thank you for the correction!!! It is as you say, in Portuguese: these details are still not confirmed.

Thank you and sorry for my mistake

Paulo Reis