Saturday, 8 September 2007

Official confirmation: Gerry and Kate McCann are both named as “arguidos”

Gerry McCann left Portuguese CID headquarters at Portimão six minutes after midnight. Carlos Pinto de Abreu, the MacCann's lawyer, confirmed that both, Gerry and Kate, have been named "arguidos", in the crime investigation about Madeleine McCann disappearance. They both are under what is called, in Portuguese, “T.I.R.” (“Termo de Identidade e Residência”) which his the lightest restriction that can be imposed on a suspect. The “TIR” means, from a pratical point view, that they had to register their address and details of their identification documents with the police and they “can't move to other residence or leave their usual residence for more than five days without notifying the police”, according to the legal definition posted at the Portuguese Public Prosecutor Official site.

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