Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Olegário de Sousa: “Mr Martin Brunt story about my alleged resignation is completely false”

Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa is said to have quit in disgust at the way the missing girl's parents have been treated, according to Martin Brunt, from Sky News. Chief-Inspector Olegário de Sousa denies those allegations: “Mr. Martin Brunt's story, once again, is completely false. The last time I talked with Mr. Martin Brunt was on September 11, the day when Mr. Martin Brunt had another utterly false story, about a 100% DNA match being found, by Police, on the McCann's hired car. On that day, before he put that false story on the air, we talked, around 7.00 pm, and he didn't asked me any question about DNA, that subject wasn't even mentioned,” Olegário de Sousa told us, a few minutes ago. (14h54, September 17, 2007)

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis


Anonymous said...


As I understand it from a couple of the UK papers, it was reported in Diario de Noticias exactly like that. The Sky article does say 'it is reported' and that Martin Brunt had tried to phone Mr de Sousa over the weekend.

And in reference to your questions to the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police, why is it not all right for someone from that force to 'brief' the press when the Portuguese police seem to have been 'briefing' the Portuguese press (against the law as I understand it) for weeks?

s said...


Portugal Resident is reporting the following:
"Olegário Sousa faced many difficult moments during his time as PR for the Madeleine investigators, declining to comment officially on numerous occasions about articles published in the press, particularly the Portuguese-language media.

The reason is now clearer, as it is understood he was kept away from the more sensitive information of the case throughout to ensure nothing was said to the press.

This was said to be a strategic decision by the investigators, so that no official statement could compromise the investigation.

It is also understood that he is very critical about the systematic violation of the secrecy of justice rules that prohibit official comment, in the form of leaks to the media."
So maybe de Sousa didn't quit in dismay, but rather was sent back to his old duties because he wasn't co-operating with the big boys?
Or is everyting in Portugal Resident also a blatant lie and an invention by malicious british press?

Anonymous said...

The way the UK media are clsoing ranks behind the accused is like something out of the GDR.

Their implicitly racist attitude toward the Portuguese police makes me angry and ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Paulo, could you enlighten something here. In the British press it is said now, that the judiciary secrecy law is overhauled. I can't believe that that is really happening but can you give us some more information?

Paulo Reis said...

Daer Annymous,

That'a classical (and naif...) counter-information manouvre. Take a look at this link, on my page:


This is waht I wrote, in an answer to two journalists from The Telegraph:

David Harrison and Adam Lusher, journalists of The Telegraph found something that nobody in Portugal knew: There is no more Secrecy Law since September 15, and this happened “because of complaints that investigating officers have been "hiding" behind the secrecy rules to conceal basic errors made since Madeleine vanished from apartment 5a of the Mark Warner Ocean Club Resort in Praia da Luz.

David Harrison and Adam Lusher, if you now nothing about the Portuguese Law and the Portuguese Judicial System, why don't you ask, before publishing so stupid things? Is it just the usual British arrogance, the idea that you belong to a superior race and civilization? Is it just bad, lousy and low-quality journalism? Or is it something more interesting?

A quick lesson – free of charge – about the review of the Portuguese Penal Code:

Portuguese Penal Code started to be reviewed several years ago, it wasn't Madeleine's case the reason for “the country's legal system (...) being overhauled” (Queen Victoria died long ago...);

Secrecy Law still exists. If everybody related with an ongoing investigation (formal suspects, “assistentes”, plaintiffs, Public Prosecutor's Office, etc, etc) agree, all documents can be made available to the Media.

After 18 months, all parts related with the case have access to all documents. But they must respect the Secrecy Law, under the same conditions referred above;

Did you get it? Or do I need to make something like a sketch or a draw? May be a cartoon? I have serious doubts that you can understand it, without a KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid...) explanation.

And listen, you two should move to another field of work, try to do some stand-up comedy! You have talent for that! Writing that Mr Pinto de Abreu, McCann's lawyer, was “ a prime mover behind the new legislation” is a find joke. Keep on, may be one day will be on TV!

By the way, did you know that the person to whom you call – in your innocence, I'm sure... - “a former Surrey child protection detective”, Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas, is the owner and managing director of WT Associates, a company that is also specialized in “media handling and advice for high profile cases” and “design or review organisations media crisis policy”? No? God, you guys know something??? What time is it, now, do you now...?

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Ummm.....can you please provide a link to the story you're quoting---not just point all of your links back to this blog or to Sky news? You know---so we know you're not just making it up?

Yeeeaaahh. That'd be greeeat.

Paulo Reis said...

Dear anonymous,

Hear it is the link you requested.


This link has the video with the "doctored" version of Martin Brunt, 16 hours after he broke the story refered in this post. In this video, he has already changed, from "portuguese police sources" to "local media" (at 3.00 am he was refering "Sky News sources"...)and instead of a 100 % DNA match he uses the phrase "full match". The references of a "100% DNA match" were deleted from the Sky News site and the same hapenned to the videos were Martin Brunt used that phrase...

But you have here a few newspapers and sites quoting the Sky News story about a "100% DNA match":

From The Times
September 11, 2007
DNA sample in McCanns’ car ‘has 100% match to Madeleine’

A forensic sample that has a 100 per cent match to Madeleine McCann has been discovered in the car hired by her parents five weeks after she disappeared, it was reported last night.

Portuguese detectives are said to believe the findings, reported on Sky News, are evidence that Kate and Gerry McCann had carried the child’s body in the car.

Blood in car 'not 100% match' to missing British girl

Wed, Sep 12, 2007
The Straits Times

PORTIMAO (PORTUGAL) - IT IS not certain that traces of blood found in a car rented by the parents of a British toddler more than three weeks after she vanished are a match to their daughter.

The comment was made during a TV interview by a senior Portuguese police official in response to claims in the British press yesterday that there was a '100 per cent match' between DNA found in the car and four-year-old Madeleine McCann.

Portugal police downplay DNA evidence

Portuguese authorities have played down the significance of DNA evidence found in the boot of a car hired by the parents of missing British girl, Madeleine McCann.

Sky News UK, citing unidentified Portuguese police sources, reported that the DNA evidence fully matched the missing four-year-old, indicating that her body had been in the car.

Police have named Madeleine's parents - Kate and Gerry McCann - as suspects. Both have denied any role in their daughter's disappearance from a hotel room in Portugal's Algarve region, on May 3.

However, Portugal's national police chief Alipio Ribeiro suggested that the forensic tests had not been conclusive.

"We can't say with certainty whether it was the blood of person 'A' or person 'B,"' Ribeiro told Portuguese state Broadcaster RPT.

Anything more I can do to help you?


Paulo Reis