Sunday, 16 September 2007

Online petition to freeze the “Find Madeleine” fund until the conclusion of the case

An online petition to be send to the Prime-Minister Gordon Brown was launched, appealing to a freezing of the funds (more than one million pounds) donated to help finding Madeleine, until the case is solved. “The McCanns are guilty of criminal neglect of a minor and today are seeking ways to use this fund for legal defence of themself, not the search for their Alleged missing child”, can be read on the page online.”

Managers for the fund decided not to allow it to be used for the legal defence of Gerry and Kate, even if it was possible to do it, from a legal point of view “subject to conditions about repayment in the event of a guilty conviction.” On a statement to the Press, the fund managers referred to “the sudden dramatic and unexpected turn of events at the weekend”, and said that they “realise that there is not only a legal answer and recognise the spirit which underlies the generous donations to Madeleine's Fund, which it is the directors' responsibility to steer.”

Because of that, the “the fund directors have decided not to pay for Gerry and Kate's legal defence costs.” About what will happen to the money, the fund directors remembered that “Madeleine's Fund was set up to find Madeleine, support the family and bring the abductor or abductors to justice, and subject to that to help other missing children.” From now on, the statement concludes, “this fund's money will be focused on finding that little girl and leaving no stone unturned.”

Duarte Levy, in Rothley and Paulo Reis, in Sevilha


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innocent until proved guilty. no more money until proved innocent. why don't they use the fund to hire specialists on finding people instead of letting the other kids back and go on with their trips?