Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Petition to help support Gerry and Kate McCann backfires

Abuse, insults and accusations have been posted at a site where a petition to “help support Gerry and Kate McCann as they battle to clear their names” was launched. The text of the petition refers that “it will be used to convince the government that we believe in their innocence and to sway them to pressurise the Portuguese police to continue to look for Madeleine McCann.”


Anonymous said...

This petition is just another sad example of a campaign designed to promote injustice and parental negligence.

If not for anything else, the McCanns have proved to be grossly negligent, and any backing of any kind (moral or financial) is inappropriate and plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your petition, take no notice of the negative comments, they are from people who spend all day on the computer with no lives, no familes, so they pour out their bitterness on sites like this.

Please god Maddy comes home to your family.

Anonymous said...

What a shame people want to sabotage the search for Madeleine with their ignorant comments.

If they think they are helping - they should think again.

By mud slinging at the parents it has taken all the focus away from a little girl who for all we really know is alive. To assume any different is wrong.
Where are all the other missing children in this world? Did their parents get rid of them too? Get real.

Anonymous said...

- " Convice the Gouvernement ??? "
- " Pressurise Portuguese Police ??? "
- " People who spend all day on the computer with no lives, no families..... "

ops.... only THEM are blessed by the truht

Anonymous said...

Three remarks there :
- all (or most) positive comments on this petition sheet are signed
- all (or most) negative, insulting or over the top comments on this petition sheet are anonymous.
This says a lot about their authors.

It's not a petition that backfires, it's media circus, which obeys a logic of its own. One cannot say these parents, which I have strong and documented reasons, from serious sources, to believe are innocent of the death of their little girl, even if they are responsible (but not "guilty") of negligence, have looked for it. They tried to use every possible mean to move this case, and I'd do the same.

3. It's not true their first call was for Alistair Clark on the abduction night. This piece of news have been proved false by many witnesses.

Myself said...


The petition is blank.

What happened to the signatures and comments? I clicked on the link you provided and I do not see anything...

Just the numbers…