Wednesday, 19 September 2007

PJ has a video with Madeleine, recorded in the afternoon of May 3

Polícia Judiciária has a video with Madeleine, on May 3, eating an ice-cream with her father, at a restaurant in Praia da Luz. The images were recorded by a private surveillance camera from restaurant “Paraíso”, between 5.00 pm and 5.45 pm, May 3. In the video, Madeleine is seen playing and dancing with her father, at the terrace of the restaurant, near the seaside.

Duarte Levy (Rothley) and Paulo Reis (Huelva)


Anonymous said...

Hi Paulo

Have you actually checked this out yourself or are you sourcing it from other newspapers

Anonymous said...

Paulo, thanks for that.
Care to report how the PJ came to obtain that video?
It has been reported in other media that the PJ never even cared to ask the restaurant staff/owners to have the video footage, rather it was offered to them after the restaurant staff/owner realized that the footage actually shows Gerry McCann and Madeleine in late afternoon hours.
Is that true?
If so, do you consider that to be an omission on the side of the PJ?

Teefee61 said...

Very interesting! You certainly come up with intriguing newsbites, ahead of the crowd.
However, although you are obviously writing in a foreign language, and occasional mistakes can be forgiven, please note that Madaleine is a girl, so you should say "her father" (not "his father"). Just a small point. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I tried to look for this footage on the web - a brasilian media showed it but then stopped, alos then a german station who also stopped.

a useful reference for older videos is this search:
various sources news video search

just adjust the number in the URL to go forwards or backwards! has CNN, youtube, BBC , Sky etc...goes back to may 8th


mc said...

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