Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Portuguese police got today a copy of Kate McCann personal diary. New searches will start soon, in several places at Praia da Luz. The Public Prosecutor's Magistrate sent, yesterday, the files of the case to the Criminal Court Judge, asking authorization for several seizures and searches, to take place in this week.


Teefee61 said...

This was the first place on the net that I saw this information. Have you got inside information?

Paulo Reis said...


I've been a journalist for the last 26 years (I'm 50 years old, since today, September 12...)

I think I can say, about myself, that I am not a bad journalist and that I have good and reliable sources. And before publishing anything, I always check it with, at least, two different sources.


Paulo Reis

Bahi said...

Happy birthday, Paulo! And thanks for such outstanding work on this blog - unquestionably the best resource out there on this case.

Teefee61 said...

I’ve just seen a newspaper report of Kate McCann’s diary on line. She frequently complains in her diary that Madaleine is an excessively active child who takes all her strength. She also says that Gerry doesn’t help with looking after the children, and she has to do it all herself. She gives details of what happened on the 3rd of May, describing the time up to Maddie’s disappearance, but doesn’t confess to any crime.
The newspaper reports her complaining about her children as “hysterical”. This might mean they’re funny (makes her laugh) in English, but in Portuguese it means they are excessively emotional. I don’t know if they translated it literally (a mistranslation) or accurately (from what? Out of control? Screaming and shouting?)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog looking for good information on the Maddie's case - as I have been keeping up with all of this. So thanks for your blog. I also wonder if the sniffer dogs found Maddie's death scent in the ground that the authorities in Portugal are talking about digging up. I put much weight in what these dogs sniff out.