Monday, 24 September 2007

Police is checking Kate and Gerry' trips to Spain (follow-up)

McCann couple “disappeared” for two hours

A source from “Comisaría General de la Policia Judicial” (Spanish CID) confirmed today that investigations related with the disappearance of Madeleine took place in the Spanish province of Andaluzia, more exactly at Huelva. After an informal meeting between inspectors from criminal departments of both police forces, the investigation and searches were concentrated on the itineraries the McCann have chosen, when they drive to the city of Huelva, Spain, on August 3, and on several persons who have direct connections with the couple (to be continued)

The fact that there is period of two hours, during which Spanish Police wasn't able to find traces of the McCann couple and the hired car, aroused some suspicion with the PJ, reinforced with the presence of the Renault Scenic in some specific places, without justification. The McCann hired car appears in several videos, seized by Spanish Police.

The day the McCann choose to go to Huelva, to campaign for Madeleine – with leaflets only in Portuguese – is also considered “strange” by Portuguese Police. Huelva has a unique holiday on August 3 and the all people concentrates in downtown, in what it's called “Feria Colombina” celebrating the departure of Colombo to discover America. Shopping malls and most commercial activities close, including churches and the cathedral, where the McCann wanted to go to pray, as they told to the Press.

To campaign and distribute leaflets, with the pictures of Madeleine, in Huelva, seem to be useless: for all over the city, the Municipal Council had posted giant pictures of the missing child. The McCann went to Huelva without the usual media “circus”. The day before, Gerry McCann had a “stomach bug” and cancelled several activities for the campaign to find Madeleine.

And the Media attention was concentrated at the most recent sighting of Madeleine, in Tongres, Belgium, the day before August 3, when Gerry and Kate went to Huelva. A woman, a child therapist, told police she was sure she saw Madeleine McCann at a restaurant near the border with Holland. Belgium police found the couple that was with the child and confirmed it wasn't Madeleine, the child that disappeared from the Ocean Cub resort, at Praia da Luz, on May 3. (to be continued)

Duarte Levy (Espanha) and Paulo Reis (Algarve)

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps they were meeting the CRG team working in Spain.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading Matthew James website-he's a psychic and very good( he's convinced Madeleine is alive. He's saying in fact that police will soon realize that DNA is not from a dead child but from a living one.
Just a thought..maybe McCanns know where Madeleine is(maybe they went to see her in Spain?) and are just playing their part..
In fact since they came back to UK..and just before that Matthew James has been referring to Eire..
and that Madeleine has been on the move..

I don't know why someone would do this-I mean abduction ect. but this whole case has been so strange that anything is possible.
I'm convinced though that McCanns would never do anything to harm their kids-no way.

Anonymous said...

I believe Kate's brother lives there...Have they left Maddie there?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ( 24/09/07 - 13.16 )

Can you help me ?? i'm confused with your msg..

- maybe McCanns know where Madeleine is(maybe they went to see her in Spain?) and are just playing their part.. ( ??? )

- I'm convinced though that McCanns would never do anything to harm their kids-no way. ( ??? ?

Anonymous said...

This is an important case of a missing girl. Please keep "psychic" lunatics away from every aspect of this case.

Anonymous said...


Linda said...

From the beginning, I found it difficult to believe that the parents were repsonsible but some of the evidence reported (and remains unverified -which one needs especially and gets during a trial by jury) - is worrisome. For me it is the washing of Cuddle Cat and saying "They've taken her" and a few other reported happenings do not paint a rosy picture.

But if the evidence suggested by the hair strands and scent dogs and DNA are sufficient and prove to be reliable and good, then the only rational conclusion is that the parents are somehow involved but to what extent one may never really know short of a confession which does not appear to be happening.

The very tragic part of this is that Maddie is probably dead and the person or persons responsible may go free for lack of concrete evidence. Poor little Maddie.

I for one could not drive around with my childs decomposing body in the trunk of the car and bury her/him in a shallow grave around cow dung (or some other scenerio) for the life of me - but that is me - and history proves that even the most respected person among us can resort to rather gruesome crimes for very selfish reasons.

I do not know if doctors, who would be used to death and blood etc., might have a different disposition than the average joe on the street when it comes to such matters. There's a lot of questions and not too many answers.

Thank you Paulo for this blog and all your hard work keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that they were invited by the Mayor of Huelva - perhaps this could be checked out, or maybe it is just a blog rumour (so many of these).

If they planned to go the previous day, but Gerry McCann was unwell, they can hardly be blamed for the fact that the following day was a festival.

I've passed through countless places on holiday only to find it was a bank holiday and everything was closed.

Did you ever investigate the kidnapping and murder of the Swiss child, Ylenia Lenhard by Urs Hans von Aesch, of Benimantell, Alicante - with the possible help of two other men? Don't you think this ring or one with links to it could have been involved here? What do the neighbours in Benimantell and La Nucia think? What is the Alicante-based Olive Tree sparkling wine community, linked to paedophiles?

Why, Paulo, have you switched from at first believing the parents could have had nothing to do with Madeleine's disappearance to following closely all the reports which suggest they have hidden her body and covered up an accident?

Paulo Reis said...

Naif question. Because raising evidence shows THE McCANN HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE.


ONLY people that REFUSES to ANSWER questions from the POLICE is GIVEN the SATUS of ARGUIDO.


Why does somebody THAT IS INNOCENT refuses TO ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM THE POLICE????? Get it? May be a drawing can help...

Paulo Reis

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation re arguido status.

The way I read it before (in the papers), was that a witness could choose to become an arguido and could refuse to answer questions, presumably until a trial (as Robert Murat became an arguido).

I had not realised the police made them arguidos as they would not answer (40) questions.

I do not think the police would ask them questions without the DNA evidence to confirm their suspicions. Of course, they were rushed by the McCann's decision to go home. No need for a drawing - I got it a long time ago from reading body language during interviews, thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Paulo, but it is you who is being naive here. There are several perfectly valid reasons why one might not wish to answer questions put to you by the Police: 1) if they were attempting to bully or fluster you by asking 'leading questions' into giving answers they might use against you by 'misinterpreting' what you have said later on, or 2) if your lawyer had told you not to answer further questions, which is what I read elsewhere was the truth in this case. Or do you think that the McCann's Portuguese lawyer was also in on 'the plot'? I'm deeply disappointed to find your once-neutral blog being used to propagate more of the lurid, sensationalist 'theories' that swamp such gutter-level internet sites as Anorak. Or maybe you have a hotline to the Portuguese Police and know everything they claim to know? If so, please enlighten us. All this speculation is little more than 'pissing in the wind' and perhaps it is time to take a step back and just collate the published 'facts' rather than trying to create them through your own anti-McCann postings?

Paulo Reis said...


You know what is THE ONLY SITUATION WHEN A LAWYER TELL HIS CLIENT NOT TO ANSWER questions adressed from police? Guess..

Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...



Madeleine Push Delayed As Gerry Sick

Updated: 12:40, Thursday August 02, 2007
A new push to publicise the search for Madeleine McCann has had to be delayed as the four-year-old's father is suffering from a stomach bug.
Gerry McCann and daughter Amelie

Updated posters of Madeleine have been printed in the latest appeal for information.

Gerry and Kate McCann had been due to travel to the Spanish city of Huelva to begin handing out the posters and meet politicans.

The fresh campaign is timed to coincide with the upcoming 100-day milestone since Madeleine's abduction in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz.

But the plans have been put on hold until Mr McCann has recovered from his illness.,,91210-1278250,00.html


Paulo Reis

Paulo Reis said...

No journalists went with Gerry and Kate McCann to Huelva. Only two hours after their arrival at Huelva journalists at Praia da Luz were allerted that the McCann were in Spain. TRY TO FIND PICTURES either than in local Spanish newspapers from THE McCANN VISIT TO HEULVA...