Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Portuguese Police: “Doesn’t Gordon Brown have a job to do?”

Portuguese Police is “fed up” with Gerry and Kate McCann repeated attempts to involve politicians and British Government in the investigation of their daughter disappearance. A senior Portuguese officer, quoted by The Telegraph, said that Madeleine's parents actions were “constant interruptions and distractions”. “Doesn’t Gordon Brown have a job to do? Why is he getting involved in a police investigation? We have a job to do and need space in which to do it. This pressure from politicians is not helping the case”, the source said. The McCann couple revealed, last Tuesday, that they wanted to contact the British Prime-Minister, Gordon Brown, to explain him why they were innocent.


Anonymous said...

Mccanns couldn't explain to the PJ why they are innocents and they will convince Gordon?


Myself said...

Well, well, well... shouldn’t Gordon Brown be worried about the other missing children too?

The other British mothers that have missing children should ask to be received by their Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

What about his ?

Doesn't the portuguese police have a job ? (apart leaking false informations based on triuncated forensics)

The Evening Standard
Portuguese police admit Madeleine MAY have been abducted after all

Prosecutor Verao, who was brought in to lead the case by Portugal's Attorney-General last week, said in a statement: "Fresh evidence justifying new interrogations has not been obtained since the original interrogations carried out on September 7. New interrogations have not been determined."

He added: "Inquiries are continuing. No line of investigation is ruled out."

The DNA evidence is still being analysed by experts from the UK's Forensic Science Service.

Last night a scientist who claims to have spoken to them said they were angry at reports in the Portuguese press.

He said: "The forensic evidence is far from absolute - on a scale of one to ten, it's more like a two.

"But it has been portrayed as being much more absolute than the FSS are.

"The relationship between the Portuguese authorities and the FSS is not very good as a result.

"They feel their results have been exaggerated to put pressure on the McCanns.

"If it is the police behind this, it's a disgrace."

Anonymous said...

bla bla bla to you too anonymous...

Another speculator...