Sunday, 16 September 2007

Portuguese Police sealed an animal crematorium near Monchique, 20 miles from Praia da Luz

The animal crematorium, owned by a Dutch cizitzen with a criminal record, was sealled off, after Policia Judiciária questioned the woman. Last year, the creamatorium, which is used by the large expatriate population in Algarve, was ordered to cease its activities, as it wasn't licenced. The owner, Evert Hendrik Hoos, told The Resident that the crematorium Creon Starlight uses a “computerised system that ensures the furnace operates at 900 degrees Celsius which is in accordance with EU standards.”

Creon Starlight offers a full service to his clients, includind collectint the dead animals and, according to the client's decision, either giving back the ashes, in a recipient, or throwing it to the sea. Creon Stralight' owner was famous, a few years ago, when she spend six years in jail, followind several bomb attacks, organized by a radical group, in 1988.

Duarte Levy
, in Rothley and Paulo Reis, in Sevilha


mc said...

Well,well,well! Interesting,very interesting.Portugal open the arms to everyone.
PR:I hope you are fine.

Monica said...

For God's sake, try to keep in mind that you are dealing with the life or the memory oh an innocent humain beeing of just 4!

Linda said...

As a mother, I would not want my child's body burned and destroyed; I would want to visit the site of her burial - is there a place where Ms. McCann would go and ponder, a special place by the ocean where she would possible go early in the morning, with no one around - that is the place to look.

As to Fatima, I looked it up on the net and yes it is a lovely and romantic place to bury a child, but seems unlikely as it appeared to be very crowded. But maybe one would or could bury something of Maddie's there - her hair or clothes or something else personal.

Linda said...

On second thought, I suppose it is reasonable to believe that a mother would have her child turned into ashes and then carry the ashes to a special place, like Fatima, and scatter them, or place them under a tree, or even ask a priest to bless them.