Saturday, 15 September 2007

PR expert Mark Williams-Thomas: “huge doubt" about “the integrity of the Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral”

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former policeman and managing director of WT Associates, a PR company specialized in child protection, media handling and advice for high profile cases, urged Portuguese police to ditch the case against the McCann – a case that he classified as “ludicrous” - and follow another lead that he thinks could take PJ to the real kidnapper.

The managing director of PR company WT Associates, who is usually introduced to Sky News viewers only as a “child protection expert” or “crime expert”, criticised Polícia Judiciária for not paying attention to “such a strong line of inquiry”. The PR expert referred that, even if “over 90% of murders are domestic-related”, he can’t “accept that Gerry and Kate as parents of the child could have been involved in her murder.”

For the managing director of WT Associates, “the answer to the case may lie in the disappearance of an eight-year-old Portuguese girl in 2004.” Joana Cipriano vanished from a village just seven miles from Praia da Luz, where Madeleine disappeared.

Leonor Cipriano and her brother, who had a incestuous relationship, were both sentenced to 16 years in jail, after appealing to Portuguese Supreme Court, for the murder of Joana Cipriano. Her body never appeared, but blood found inside the family’s refrigerator and the confession of Joana’s uncle were sufficient to convince the jury. Her case has been referred, by the British Media, in what seems to be an attempt to discredit Portuguese Police, comparing it with Madeleine’s case.

Joana Cipriano, who never confessed the crime, accused five CID officers of beating her. Later, she was not able to identify none of the five officers, when she was taken to a police line-up, behind a two-way mirror. The Public Prosecutor’s Office decide to charge the five CID officers ASFIC, the CID inspectors union filled a formal complaint against the Public Prosecutor's magistrate, because he didn’t included in the case's dossier the results of the police line up.

The fact that one of the officers accused in Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral casts “huge doubt” to the managing director of WT Associates, who believes that Mr. Amaral should be ousted from the investigation of Madeleine’s case: “"Even if we work on the basis that he is innocent, given this allegation against him, he shouldn't have anything to do with the Madeleine investigation”, the PR expert told to Sky News.

Questioned yesterday, September 14, about his business relationship, as a expert also in media handling and advice for high profile cases, Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas initially confirmed that his company had a contract to provide services to the McCann. Asked to confirm some details of that business relationship, he changed his initial answer and denied any relationship, admitting only that he has “been in contact with the press officers for the family.”

We asked also to Sky News if they were aware of the fact that Mr Mark Williams-Thomas was also the owner and managing director of a PR company, as Sky News has invited almost every day, to comment about Madeleine McCan's case, introducing him only as a "child protection expert" or a "crime expert". We are waiting for Sky News answer to those questions.

Duarte Levy (Rothley) and Paulo Reis (Sevilha)


Anonymous said...

The senior Portuguese detective jointly in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is set to face a criminal hearing into an alleged cover-up involving another missing girl...
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Mail on Sunday 160907
Another attempt to smear the Portugese by the Mail

Anonymous said...

Most operational UK Police Officers have allegations made about them during every trial it's just a fact of life as the defence try to smear them as for "expert" witnesses you cannot find 2 who even agree with each other. Most serious assaults in every society are carried out by loved ones on loved ones during a momentary loss of control. They are sorry afterwards but often it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Detective Constable Mark Williams-Thomas said that King, 56, had "undoubtedly attacked hundreds of boys in both Britain and America".
Anyone would think he had been HEAD of CID the way he talks.

Anonymous said...

PC Mark Williams-Thomas, who arrested Adrian Stark, described the teacher's secret collection of magazines as some of the worst examples of child pornography he had seen...."
What rank did he actually leave the Police with?

Anonymous said...

I've also seen Mark Williams-Thomas on GMTV. It was never stated that he was working for Team McCann.

This is seriously misleading journalism - Ofcom should be told.

Paulo Reis said...

He is the owner of a PR company, and he is managing director. On our first contact, I asked if WT Associates has/had any contract with Gerry McCann, McCann family, relatives of McCann family, or other PR companies working for the McCann family. He confirmed and asked me "what I was after". On a second contact e denied WT Associates has any contract with the McCan, only said that he has been in contact with Press Officers for McCann family.

About Ofcom, well, I'm not a UK residente, but I presume some British citizens, Sky News viewers, would think insteresting to ask Sky News management and News Editor if they were aware of the bussiness quality of the most frequent "crime expert" invited by Martin Brunt, to explain how stupid, corrupt and inneficient was Portuguese Police, in the investigation of Madeleine's case..


Paulo Reis

PS - I don't believe that people of Great Britain, were Democracy was born and Parliament was first set up wioul accept this kind of things and stay silent...

Paulo Reis said...

By the way, somebody has a contact from Hampshire CID? Mr Mark Williams was introduced, by several Britihs newspapers, as former CID officer from Hampshire. Just checking....

Paulo Reis

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