Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Samples from Praia da Luz are in FSS since more than one month

Birmingham laboratory only needs 6 hours to finish a DNA matching test

The Forensic Science Services (FSS) is able to do the laboratory work for a DNA matching test in six hours. The all process, including the burocratic steps, the drafting of a preliminary report and the final report, takes around 36 hours. However, samples colected at Praia da Luz crime scene and other locations have been in FSS since almost one month.

A spokesman from FSS told Mail on Sunday, on August 30, that it was «impossible to put a timescale on when the results would come back». A source from the laboratory, also quoted by Mail on Sunday, added that the analysis of those samples were «an incredibly complex situation».

The final report has been ready since some time and FSS will send it, soon, to the Portuguese magistrate from the Public Prosecutor’s Office that is directing the investigation. A copy of the results will also be sent to Scotland Yard, at the same time.

Portuguese Police has insisted again with the McCann, asking them to delay their return to the UK, planned for next week. Polícia Judiciária told Gerry McCann that, after they receive those results, the investigation may give « significant steps» and it’s possible that they need the help of the McCann, to further advance the inquiry.

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Editor’s Note: FSS is able to do a DNA test matching in six hours

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There's too much conflicting (and false) information around. Today’s article of Paulo Reis saying that the FSS can have a DNA test done in 6 hours is patently rubbish in this case. As if reality was not complicated enough!

The Guardian
Wednesday March 28 2007
Want a career in forensics? Here's some hard evidence
“We lead the world when it comes to DNA - we offer the most comprehensive and the most rapid DNA matching service - but even we can't do it in less than six hours. If you were going to enact this in real time, these would have to be 24-hour shows.”

By Paul Hackett (National DNA services manager for the Forensic Science Service)


Pepe said...

i just don't get it.
Paulo, do you know why the results take so long? Surely you don't believe in this whole conspiracy theory about Gordon brown and the mccanns etc. HAve you ever come across a more plausible explanation about the delay? Surely this is a high-profile case and the FSS would give it priority.

Anonymous said...

Just as the Marc Dutroux scandal damaged Belgium's image abroad, the wrong kind of result from the FSS could damage Britain's.

Scandals are covered up when the "national interest" is considered more important than the the pursuit of justice.

Google: "blair blackout".

catkins said...

I've always thought that the delay on the DNA was / is a smokescreen.