Tuesday, 11 September 2007


In the last few hours, Sky News has been broadcasting a story, by Martin Brunt, saying Portuguese Police believes that Gerry and Kate McCann are somehow related with Madeleine McCan disappearance because analysis of samples collected at the van that McCann family rented, several weeks after the child disappeared, showed a 100% match with Madeleine McCann DNA. This was the strongest evidence Portuguese Police had to incriminate Madeleine's parents, according to Mr. Martin Brunt. Portuguese Police was the source of this information, Mr. Martin Brunt told Sky News viewers.

Around 9.00 pm, today, the Portuguese CID spokesman, Chief Inspector Olegário de Sousa, denied that story, said that Martin Brunt talked with him today, September 10, around 7.00 pm, but never asked any question about Madeleine's DNA found at the van, and the subject wasn't even referred, during the talk. Mr Olegário de Sousa, in the formal statement that Portuguese CID issued, said that “Sky News story was completely false, the facts referred in that story were also false”. At 10.30, there was no Martin Brunt reporting from Praia da Luz, just a reference to read his blog, with latests news about Madeleine McCann disappearance. (to be continued...)

(Duarte Levy, in Rothley and Paulo Reis, in Praia da Luz)


Anonymous said...

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Paulo Reis said...

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paulo2006 said...

Great Blog . I wish I could write in english as well as you do.

Check my board, please.

I think portuguese police messed it up. as simple as that.
(I am portuguese).

PJ did search mc can apartment..., found nothing in May..,released it ..,and only when they realize they were in a dead end..,only then..,portuguese called the british.

a PJ inspector confirmed it in pro e contra.

We followed the kidnap trail..,and when we realize it lead nowhere we called british police.
3 months later.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Martin Blunt's source in not the PJ but a British source?

Anonymous said...

Lembras-te quando a Kate ía fazer jogging pela praia fora (sozinha) e acho que depois subia um terreno?
Será que a menina não está escondida para esses lados? Porque ía ela sozinha?
Alguem podia ter levado o corpo para aqueles lados e ela ía assegurar-se que não se via nada.
A partir de uma certa altura deixou de fazer jogging.
Por acaso tens imagens do carrinho dos gémeos? Aquele em que ás vezes eles íam tão tapados que nem se viam? nem as pernas!
Obrigado pelo teu bom trabalho .