Saturday, 22 September 2007

McCann family stark ultimatum to the Portuguese authorities: “Put up or shut up...”

Madeleine McCann's parents challenge police
By Nick Britten and Caroline Gammell
Last Updated: 2:12am BST 22/09/2007

Madeleine McCann's parents have issued a stark ultimatum to the Portuguese authorities, telling them to "put up or shut up".

Now it appears that the McCanns have had enough and are challenging the authorities. A source close to their legal team said: "The ball is back with the Portuguese police. They need to put up or shut up. We feel that the judge has said to the police that they need to go away and find some more evidence if we're going to take it any further. They need to back up what they're claiming or stop."


Anonymous said...

Stop what? It seems to me the the Portuguese have been gentlemen. letting them leave the country and carrying on with their daily lives. Its their friends, family and PR (always chaning) spokes people that are letting them down, by daily denials which, lets face it are only making matters worse. Innocent people have nothing to fear. They certainly don't need the best lawyers, ex government PR people and desperate journalists to clear their names! The nation and world is laughing NOT as the Portuguese police but at the McCanns, friends, family and the rest of the circus. The McCanns wanted "no stone to be left unturned" and that just what the police are unturning the stones, but sadly I don't think the McCanns like what they are finding. Innocent parents wouldn't ind this, because in the end IT will lead to the truth and then if need be they will have no problem in clearing their names!

Anonymous said...


Since when they are in a position of making an ultimatum???
They are not the queen of England and not prime ministers of anything.

And even if they were no one gives ultimatum to the justice. No one is above the law.

They should shut up and go find Madeleine.

After all they have a Fund for something, right??? Or is it just spent on trips and media???

MCarmoReis said...

They are not the queen but probably they they think they are.Or prime minister; or they think also they are abobe the law;etc.
So much power? Or no nice people?