Friday, 26 October 2007

British citizen expelled from Morocco

The Moroccan authorities expelled a British citizen, a few days ago, after he contacted staff from a gas station near the city of Marrakesh. A source from “Sureté Nacionale”, Moroccan security and intelligence services confirmed that the British citizen offered a large amount of money to several employees, in exchange for specific statements about a sighting concerning a blonde girl. British embassy in Morocco, contacted by SOS Madeleine, refused to comment. The possibility of having private detectives working in their country was referred, by the same source, as “an offence and a violation of national sovereignty”.

A source from PJ also told SOS Madeleine that “any person who undertakes a private investigation about a crime, in Portugal, is committing a crime - perverting the course of Justice – and will be arrested.” The McCann hired a private Spanish company, Metodo 3, to set up a hotline for people having information about Madeleine.

The hotline number has replaced the police phone numbers in the official page of FindMadeleine campaign. But according to Spanish Law and the specific regulations concerning private detective's activity, any information received concerning a crime must be immediately forwarded to police.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

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Anonymous said...

70 per cent of callers to Spanish TV show think McCanns were lying:

Anonymous said...

who really cares what they set up in order to find there OWN daughter, its been six months and the police are no closer than they were six months ago when first reported her missing. Am i missing something here, theres no trace of her, the media is deplicting every move the McCanns make, but yet to shed light on the actual reason why the McCanns are on television, all we get is critism and unapropraite comments. Let them search for there child, as we've all seen the job done thus far, and leave there every move out of the media, what i want to read is that someones found the kid, and shes safe, theres no perfect crime, but with PJ there just might be one with the laid back attitude from the start. Sorry they've taken your summer holidays away. i'm sure theres didn't add up either

Anonymous said...

If the parents truly wanted to find their child then they would ask peopke to telephone the police - any police in the world will take the call...

As it is - it seems as if they are trying to hinder rather than help discover what has happened to Madeleine...:-(!

Anonymous said...

Surely it's better to phone the local police, a number you're familiar with? much quicker and easier to remember than some hotline.

Is this yet another block put up to stop her being found?