Friday, 5 October 2007

British Police liaison officer: “I have arrested people for less than that...”

A British Police liaison officer at Praia da Luz, informed about the fact that the McCann were named formal suspects, said that he already arrested people in situations with less evidence as Portuguese Police had, at that moment, according to the Portuguese daily Público. Since the first hour, writes the newspaper, British Police has been informed and cooperated in every step of the investigation. Criminal Coordinator Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the investigation after he allegedly accused British Police of investigating “only what the McCann couple wishes and is convenient for them”.

Diário de Notícias, the newspaper that published the remarks of Mr. Gonçalo Amaral, wrote that he made those references because of an email that was sent to Prince Charles web site, accusing a former maid of Ocean Club of being responsible for the kidnapping of Madeleine, as a revenge for being fired.

The email was sent from Spain and Portuguese Police was informed almost at the same time that British newspapers. British Police wasn't able to find the address from where the email has came. Sources from PJ told that the remarks of Mr. Gonçalo were not correctly reproduced, as he allegedly was referring to the large number of former British Policemen that are at Praia da Luz and have been criticising strongly the Portuguese Police investigation, in almost daily interviews with the British Media.


Anonymous said...

"the large number of former British Policemen that are at Praia da Luz have been criticising strongly the Portuguese investigation, in almost dayly interviews with the British Media."

Paulo: I agree with this British Cop. I agree with strongly critizicing the PJ for not arresting the McCanns for the evidence they already have.

Anonymous said...

Most people here in the UK do not understand Portugese law (me included) The entire dinner party should have been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice and interviewed properly. Now there is confusion as to who said what and these "visits" to the unattended children are all confused.

lorely said...

get them all in, mccanns, friends, etc - dont forget hack Mitchell (aka the lord of tosh) and eileen. she seems to known far too much about the drugs Madeleine has been administred - how bizarre.