Thursday, 18 October 2007

Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson: Portuguese Police is incompetent...

As it was expected, the main conclusion of the team headed by Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson is that Portuguese Police had not the capacity to handle “such a big job.” The conclusion was reached in only three days at Praia da Luz, without any access to the crime scene or to most witnesses, and no access to Police files, as The Telegraph invented.

The “inescapable conclusion” was that Portuguese police was “totally ill-equipped for the job”, in the words of Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson, the SIXTH former high ranking British policemen to come forward with strong criticism of the investigation lead by Polícia Judiciária, in close cooperation with British police.

Like the others before him, Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson forget to mention that most crucial evidence was collected with the help of a British Police special team that came to Portugal at the end of July. They brought two of the best – and unique... - sniffers dogs in the world, Eddie and Keela, from South Yorkshire Police. The samples collected were also analysed by the best British laboratory, the Forensic Science Service.

It seems that all of those former policemen need to refresh their memory. Getting old is like a naufrage, General Charles de Gaule used to say...

A list of the most visible former British Police officers, specialized in trashing Portuguese police:

Former CID detective Mark Williams-Thomas, who is also the owner and managing-director of WT Associates, a company that offers, among many other services, media handling and advice for high profile cases and “design or review organisations media crisis policy”.

Mike Hames, the ex-commander who set up Scotland Yard's paedophilia unit, author of ‘The Dirty Squad’ and also a media consultant on child abuse, paedophilia, murder and high profile abduction cases,

Dai Davies, a senior associate of Kingfell Global Crisis, Director and Lead Consultant of Selectamark Consultancy, responsible for the security of the Royal family and palaces, for more than 15 years.

Ex-Flying Squad Commander John O’Connor is a former British Policeman

Desmond Thomas, former deputy head of Hampshire CID


Anonymous said...

Who cares what a bunch of Brits in the media business say about anything? They have no credibility. It will take decades if not centuries for England to overcome the damage done by their ridiculous media clowns.

myself said...

I heard early in this morning on the news that there is the suspicion that the British police may have altered Charles de Menezes’s photograph to appear similar to the suspect to justify their mistake...

«The composite, produced by London's Metropolitan Police, was meant to show the similarities between the two men and to bolster arguments that police might have had problems distinguishing between the two.

British police officers shot to death an unarmed Brazilian man in the aftermath of the July 2005 subway bombings. Jean-Charles de Menezes, 27, was killed at Stockwell station on July 22, just a day after a second suicide bombing attempt on London's subway system.

While no police officer was charged in the shooting, the Metropolitan Police as a whole has been charged with breaking health and safety laws. The police force denies the charges.

But prosecutor Clare Montgomery told the court that the police composite image had been altered "by either stretching or resizing so the face ceases to have its correct proportions."»


«He showed the jury an alternative composite in which the two faces had different skin tones and their mouths and noses were not aligned.»


«When de Menezes left his apartment, he was believed to be that suspect and subsequently tracked to the station. He ran into a waiting train car, where he was gunned down.

Police told the coroner that de Menezes was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.»

Full article at:


The ones who speak badly about our police should read the article...

What do they have to say about this???

Charles de Menezes and his family deserve justice.

The Brazilian Government should demand explanations.

myself said...

Another article:

«Killed Brazilian's photo 'digitally altered'»

Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo, I have been reading your blog for uite a long time now and always found your comments fair but lately it seems to be all about the British press, I can understand your frustration when you see things written that are not factual and I can also understand and admire your sense of national pride but I come here to read your thoughts on the case and to clarify some of the things written in both the British and the Portuguese press, I want to know what you think may or may not have happened to Madeliene and who might be responsible given the contacts you have not the ramblings of the press whichever country they come from.

transfattyacid said...

That would be the same policeman who failed to notice a mobile phone in Ian Huntley's kitchen that belonged to one of the missing gilrs?

Paulo Reis said...

That's a very interesting detail! Thank you!

Paulo Reis