Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Computer-animated video shows crucial hours before Madeleine's disappearance


A team headed by two university professors has created a computer-animated video with the movements of the Tapas group, during the crucial hours, on May 3, before Kate McCann found Madeleine was missing. The two experts, Paulo Sargento and Paulo Gamito, based their study on time lines and statements from witnesses published by The Times, BBC and the Portuguese newspapers Público and Sol.

Paulo Sargento told TV channel SIC that after the McCann arrived at the restaurant, almost every 5 minutes there was somebody leaving the table, at Tapas Bar, going out to the apartments or coming from that direction – 7 persons went out 14 times in a period of two hours.

The criminal expert considered the possibility of a kidnap as “not consistent” with so many regular checkings. “It will be very difficult, there was a very short period of time” available for a kidnapper to act, without being spotted, he said. The team is now working on another virtual scenario: a walk from Ocean Club to the church.


Anonymous said...

Kate and Gerry McCann have hired their own forensic experts to refute Portuguese police claims that new DNA tests link them to Madeleine's disappearance, it has been revealed.

The McCanns' law firm Kingsley Napley, one of the leading criminal law firms in the country, is understood to have brought in its own forensic team after the discovery of allegedly damaging evidence found in the apartment in Praia da Luz and in a Renault Scenic hire car, rented 25 days after Madeleine vanished. "
London Daily Mail 091007

Anonymous said...

A kidnap is consistent only if kidnapper is one (of more) of the 7 persons that went our 14 times in a period of 2 hours !

Anonymous said...

Children of McCanns' friends 'were in Maddie's apartment when she vanished'
Children of McCanns' friends 'were in Maddie's apartment when she vanished'Portuguese police have upped the pressure on the so-called 'Tapas 9' by claiming that their children were in the McCanns' apartment when Madeleine went missing..
London Daily Mail 2100 hrs 091007

Thore Krestensen said...

McCanns are probably hiding some truth, the kidnapping theory seems unlogically.

Good job your doing man, u seem to be