Friday, 5 October 2007

Leicester Mercury readers raise 57, 000 pounds to help the McCann

Last Wednesday, Kate and Gerry went to the Leicester Mercury to receive a cheque of 57,000 pounds, raised through the selling of green and yellow Madeleine bands. Asked how the money would be used, Gerry McCann said: "We're in the process of looking into which specific areas we need to use this fund.

"We are about to start a widespread campaign so I can assure you it will be put to very good use. We want to increase awareness, get back to basics if you like. Target specific areas with pictures and billboards and messages. We want to refocus the coverage."

Speaking about the night Madeleine disappeared, Gerry said that they had no plan to involve the Media, as they only found the Press coverage was huge when they returned from the Police station, on, on Fryday, and “found 150 reporters there”.


Anonymous said...


Gerry is surely trying to pull my leg !!!

Anonymous said...

"Get back to basics, Gerry ? What do you mean? That Maddie is alive and all that 'no stone unturned speech'?"

I think the Portuguese Police have a different agenda for you two!

Anonymous said...

Com tanto dinheir que já arranjaram, não percebo porque é que tinha de se pagar dez libras no site oficial para se ter um poster da Maddie. Transformar-se uma tragédia num bom negócio é costume, mas serem os pais a fazê-lo é nojento! Enfim, tb já se falou que tudo isto nao passava de uma forma de se branquear dinheiro...

Paulette said...

I think Gerry's 'back to the basics' comment is about he, Kate and the twins basically needing new clothing for the cooler autumn weather. They cannot continue their carefree runner-yoga enthusiast bronzed sun and fun look forever.

It's October which can only mean one thing: The McCanns are keeping a lookout for smart deals on Burberry and Ralph Lauren.

And with all those lovely donations the McCanns are keen to add a few Alexander McQueen pieces to their 2007 fall collection.